Launching “BizTalk360 ASSIST” – Our documentation and support portal

Published on : Nov 5, 2014

Category : BizTalk360 Update





When you are a product company, your priority is always on adding some cool features to the product. You are always in a race, competing to add as many features as possible to the product. There are always tons of requirements in your pipeline that needs to be delivered. It’s very common you spend weeks and months developing a feature, but never document it or talk about it. As the product is getting matured this is unsustainable or doesn’t make much sense.  In numerous occasions we were in the situation, when a customer or prospective customer ask for a feature and we know it’s clearly in the product, but couldn’t find any references. Beginning of 2014 we decided we have to change this situation, we hired our dedicated content/document writers who’s sole focus is purely to understand the product well and document it. It took us about 6 months, and today we are launching BizTalk360 – ASSIST with slightly over 350 articles.  Kudos to our documentation team, it’s an amazing job!


When the product gets matured and number of customers increase steadily, the other biggest challenge we had to tackle is our efficiency in support. We pride ourselves in customer support and we feel that’s one of our core strengths. So, it’s important we invest in right set of tools to support our customers in a better way. Helping via pure email communication is sustainable only to some extend. The BizTalk360 – ASSIST portal is our one stop solution for our entire customer support moving forward, behind the scene we have a powerful help desk/support software in place which will help us serve the customer in a better way. If you need to raise any support questions, simply email ASSIST is actually live for the past couple of months and some of you might have already seen it. It gives us a great platform to keep our documentation up to date and help serve customers better. We will constantly keep it up to date. In the process we also retired some of our old websites, and consolidated the content, so that people are not confused with conflicting information. You can access assist via