Is Google AdWords using different algorithm to organic search?

Published on : May 19, 2012

Category : General



Google AdWords are supposed to display the ads that’s only relevant to your search terms. Google measure the relevance of the add with something called “Quality Score“, according to Google, your ads won’t (shouldn’t) show up if your quality score for that keyword is low. In other words, Google still want to put customers first, they don’t want to display someone’s ad just because they are willing to spend big bucks. I don’t think, that’s 100’s true! I was searching for the term “get local date .net“, which ended up showing results as shown below. image The organic results are 100% accurate, it identified it’s some one searching for the term DateTime in .NET. But all the paid searches resulted in dating sites :-). May be it must have guessed “get local date in net”  Interesting!!