middleware friday and integration monday

Introducing Middleware Friday and Integration Monday line-up

Published on : Jan 6, 2017

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Happy New Year, I wish 2017 turn out to be an exciting year for you. We have some exciting things to share about Integration User Group initiatives. middleware friday and integration monday

Integration Monday

Two years ago (in Jan 2015) we launched Integration Monday along with Michael Stephenson as a community initiative to bring integration focused webinars from Microsoft Product Group, MVP’s, Community members and Customers. It has been a huge success and we have conducted over 80 episodes in the past 2 years. We averaged about 50-75 people every week, and for some important webinars like BizTalk Server 2016 (from the product group) we saw the attendee registration count creeping all the way up to 450. We thank you all for your support. In 2017, we have taken it a bit more serious to make sure there are no gaps, we have already lined up the speakers all the way up to the end of April. It was a lot of hard work from our team (especially Lex Hegt) in co-ordinating and shuffling all the speaker’s agenda. We are starting off Integration Monday sessions from this Monday (January 9, 2016) with the session by Mark Brimble from Datacom, New Zealand. Mark starts off with a hot topic related to the recent BizTalk Server 2016 release – “BizTalk Server 2016 with SQL Availability On Databases“. You can register for the event here. You can also check and register for all the upcoming events (up to end of April) here : upcoming events

Middleware Friday

This is another crazy idea we decided to experiment to bring some value to the Integration community. Kent Weare and I were discussing this concept of short 15-20 mins interview series on every Friday where Kent will bring some interesting topics about Integration in a video blog (vlog) format. He will either showcase a short video on a new topic in Integration or he will interview some industry leader. He is already doing similar work with his InfoQ articles contribution. We believe this will add a lot of value to the people in Integration community to keep up to date on what’s happening. This is something more like a short news update on Integration every Friday. We are launching the first episode today, where Kent talks about “Protecting Azure Logic Apps with Azure API Management“. This week it’s a bit long due to all the intro. However, in the future we will trim it and keep it sleek to about 15 minutes.

Brand New Website

We are also happy to launch a refreshed version of the website (http://www.integrationusergroup.com/) to give a fresh look and also to accommodate the new “Middleware Friday” episodes. It’s still a work in progress and we hope to get it fully ready in a week or so. If you have any feedback, please let us know. Happy Integration.