Introducing INTEGRATE 2021 Remote

Published on : Feb 9, 2021

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Last year, COVID-19 forced us to convert our INTEGRATE event from a live event to a remote event. Times are still unprecedented, so the main priority is still to keep ourselves and our family members safe.

We all hope that 2021 will bring us back to a kind of ‘old normal’. However, with respect to our yearly INTEGRATE event, we feel it is still too early to run a live event. That’s why also our INTEGRATE 2021 event will be held online.

At INTEGRATE, each year Microsoft Product Group members and MVPs give you an update on all the relevant developments in the Microsoft integration space. So, when you are an integration expert, INTEGRATE is the event for you. 

You Helped Us with Deciding on the Event Date

Just like last year, INTEGRATE 2021 Remote will be an event of three days, and as always the line-up will exist of Microsoft Product Group Members and Microsoft MVPs.

As the event will be an online event, we don’t have to secure a venue months ahead. That gave us the opportunity to be a bit more flexible with the event dates. So, to comfort as many people as possible, we had sent out a survey to former attendees to help us by deciding when the event would happen.

After evaluating your response, we decided to organize INTEGRATE 2021 Remote from Tuesday, June 1st to Thursday, June 3rd!


We want as many people from the world to join and benefit from the conference. So, in line with last year’s event, the pricing of INTEGRATE 2021 Remote is significantly reduced compared to regular events. We are assuming that probably multiple people will join from any company, which reduces the price.

The pricing is as follows:

  • Super Early Bird – $150
  • Early Bird – $200
  • Regular – $250
  • 2-5 tickets – 10% discount on top of Super Early Bird
  • 6+ tickets – 20% discount on top of Super Early Bird

Secure Your Super Early Bird Offer – To support the community in this time of change, this year we have introduced the Super Early Bird offer for $150 allowing as many professionals as possible from the world to join and benefit from the conference. *Offer ends on 31st of March. In addition, save up to 20% on top of Super Early Bird offer upon bulk registrations. 

Why are we charging – Due to the pandemic, during the last year, we have seen many events being converted to online events. Most of these events were only one-day events. However, in order to run a conference of this magnitude in a professional way requires a lot of effort. Right from the time investment in organizing and executing the event, marketing, and promotional activities to make the event successful, and running a conference with 1000+ attendees requires some investment in the technology.

We are not intending to make a profit out of the event, hence the price is kept at a bare minimum.

INTEGRATE REMOTE 2020 – Quick Recap – Despite the pandemic, we saw a huge surge in the number of attendees registering for the event. INTEGRATE 2020 was a great success with a milestone of 900+ attendees, 30+ speakers, and 40+ sessions. We just wanted to highlight some of the feedback we received on our first-ever virtual conference. 

Integrate 2020 Reviews

Will the Videos Be Made Public?

Similar to our earlier INTEGRATE events (2016201720182019, 2020), eventually we will make all the video content of INTEGRATE 2021 Remote available to everyone. However, to respect the people who have paid for the conference, we will not release the content immediately after the conference.

Network and Explore an Opportunity for Partnerships

INTEGRATE is the biggest and best opportunity to build a strong network and explore the opportunities to build a strong business. You certainly not want to miss out on the best possible opportunity to grow your company and network with the community.


We are also opening sponsorship opportunities for this event. There are sponsorship packages available at different levels. If you are interested to sponsor this event, please contact us at