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Introducing BizTalk360 Google Chrome Extension

Published on : Apr 27, 2016

Category : BizTalk360 Update



We are always looking for ways to improve the productivity of our end customers when it comes to BizTalk Support & Operations, in that aspect we are happy to introduce BizTalk360 Google Chrome extension. With the BizTalk360 Google Chrome Extension, users will be able to do the following tasks seamlessly:
  • Search documentation and blog articles for help
  • Create new support ticket
  • Configure and manage multiple BizTalk360 environments
The chrome extension itself is free for anyone who is using BizTalk360.

How to install BizTalk360 Google Chrome Extension

Lets first take a look at how you can install and configure the BizTalk360 Google Chrome Extension. You can simply visit the Google Chrome Store and search for BizTalk360 and you’ll see “BizTalk360 Assistant” – our chrome extension, in the result pane. BizTalk360 Google Chrome Extension You can click on the “Add To Chrome” button straight away or click on the result tile to see the details. You can also visit the BizTalk360 Assistant Chrome store page directly to see the details. BizTalk360 Google Chrome Extension - Chrome Store page view Once you click on the “Add To Chrome” button, the extension will automatically be added to your Chrome browser and you can see the BizTalk360 logo on the chrome frame. A little popup help will show up for the first time.

Search documentation and blog articles seamlessly

One of the key features of the BizTalk360 Google Chrome Extension is the ability to search and display the documentation and blog articles in a single browser window. If you get stuck with a problem, you can click on the chrome extension and type your query in the “Search Documentation” box. In the below example you can see, I searched for “standalone installation” and results at the back shows all possible links from both our documentation portal and blog. We have invested heavily on the product documentation, there are over 800 articles now covering various aspects of BizTalk360 in our documentation portal and over 600 blog articles. BizTalk360 Google Chrome Extension - Search Documentation

Create new support ticket

In addition to showing the documentation and blog articles as explained earlier, we also made it easy to raise support ticket directly from the BizTalk360 Google Chrome Extension. As shown in the below picture, if in case you can’t find any relevant articles, you can easily raise a support ticket by clicking the “New Support Ticket” link as shown below. BizTalk360 Google Chrome Extension - New Support Ticket This will direct you to the new ticket support page on our support portal, from here you can simply fill in the form with relevant details, you can attach a screenshot if required and submit the ticket. BizTalk360 Google Chrome Extension - Submit a Support Ticket

Navigate to multiple BizTalk360 environments seamlessly

BizTalk360 in itself comes with the ability to manage multiple BizTalk environments in your organization from a single BizTalk360 installation. But there will be scenarios where the customer will have multiple installations of BizTalk360. The customers may want to segregate production environment from other QA environments, hence, would have decided to have 2 installations of BizTalk360. We have seen some of larger customers have 5+ installations of BizTalk360. The BizTalk360 Google Chrome Extension will help those customers to seamlessly switch between multiple BizTalk360 environments. You can configure all the available BizTalk360 environments as various environments settings and navigate to them with one-click.  If you are using an environment frequently, you can also set it as default. BizTalk360 Google Chrome Extension - Manage Multiple Environments BizTalk360 Google Chrome Extension - Manage Multiple Environments If you are using BizTalk server in the organization and haven’t tried BizTalk360 before, it’s a good time to start and explore all the capabilities. If you are already a BizTalk360 user, then you can simply visit the BizTalk360 Assistant Chrome store page and get started using the BizTalk360 Google Chrome Extension.