Introducing BizTalk360 Azure Easy Installer

Published on : Mar 9, 2016

Category : BizTalk Server



It’s becoming more and more common these days with organisations moving their workload into the cloud. In the BizTalk server scenario, we have noticed a lot of our customers using Microsoft Azure to run their BizTalk environments, especially for development and test purposes. There are a lot of advantages in using Microsoft Azure for your BizTalk environment. You can provision servers in a fraction of time (typically 5-10 minutes), you can turn them on/off based on usage, destroy them once the environment is not required. All classic advantages of running your environment in the cloud.

Advantages of using BizTalk360 for cloud environments

There are significant advantages in using BizTalk360 for your Microsoft Azure BizTalk environments. It provides a complete web-based remote management and monitoring capabilities. Without BizTalk360, your only option to manage your Azure BizTalk environments is by physically logging into the server via RDP connection and then managing it (unless you have options like domain joined on-prem/cloud infrastructure). You also will get into the limits of maximum RDP sessions, providing full access for your support/developers into your BizTalk environments etc. By using BizTalk360, you can access the BizTalk environment, manage and monitor everything via your browser. In fact, all of our own test environments are running in Azure and our team access it simply via the browser. If you go via the traditional RDP connection route, there are limits on the number of users who can access it, but by using BizTalk360 you can eliminate this challenge and on top of that you’ll get all the benefits of what BizTalk360 can offer.

BizTalk360 Azure Easy Installer

It’s very clear why organisations are using BizTalk server in Azure and it’s also very clear the value proposition of using BizTalk360 for your BizTalk environments in the cloud. We wanted to provide a seamless installation experience for user who wanted to use BizTalk360 in Azure (in fact any cloud or even your on-premise installation). Hence we have created BizTalk360 Azure Easy Installer. The process is pretty straight forward
  1. You need to login to Azure portal and provision your BizTalk server or you can use your existing BizTalk server
  2. Connect to the server via RDP, and in the task bar click on the “PowerShell” icon
  3. In the PowerShell command prompt, simply paste the following command and press Enter
(New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString(“”)|iex Wait for few seconds, and the PowerShell command prompt will close and BizTalk360 Easy Installer will launch as shown below BizTalk360 Azure Easy Installer You are now just one step away! Simply provide a username and password for the service account and click “Install & Configure” button. Behind the scenes, the easy installer will do all the work for you (including configuring BizTalk server if it’s a fresh VM). Within 5-10 mins, you will have a fully working BizTalk360 installation with zero intervention.

Take a look at this short video

We have put together a short video (6 minutes) to show the end to end experience of provisioning a BizTalk server developer machine via Azure portal and then installing BizTalk360 via Easy Installer.