IntelliSense for SQL Queries on Query Analyser, VS 2003, SQL 2005 Management Studio + few more

Published on : May 23, 2006

Category : General



One of the feature I anticipated in SQL 2005 management studio was some kind of Intellisense when you type the queries. But, surprisingly there was no support for it.

Red Gate software came with a very cleaner solution, a single application which supports SQL intellisense on QueryAnalyser, Enterprise manager, Management Studio, VS 2003, VS 2005, UltraEdit and Editplus2.

My favorite feature is SQL Snippet, similar to VS 2005 code snippet concept. Just type
“SSF” on the query analyser, which translates to “SELECT * FROM “ awesome. You can add your own snippets, this will definitely make life easier for some developers/DBA’s.