How does your blog look inside a blog reader?

Published on : Apr 4, 2009

Category : General



I think its important the blog authors subscribe to their own blog to see how it looks inside a blog reader. If your blog looks like this inside a reader, then you are most likely throwing away some of your readers. image Having a “read more” link at the end and only giving snippet of source in your feed is well and good for high volume feeds like bbc news, msdn articles, google news, etc where its more likely you’ll get tons of articles every few hours. But for a personal blog, with maximum 1 or 2 content per day I don’t think its a good idea. Personally I’m experiencing few difficulties due to this. 1. At work (working for a financial institution) majority of the sites like wordpress, blogger, geekswithblogs etc are blocked. But we are allowed to use few well known blog readers like BlogLines, FeedReader etc.  That means, its not an issue reading a blog post via BlogLines even though the original content is from a word press url. At times we may not be able to see some images, but majority of the time we’ll get the content. 2. Personally I don’t think people will be interested in clicking the title and visiting an external link to read the content, especially these days we watch way over minimum 100 blogs. What’s your thought?