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Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 – Event Recap

Published on : Apr 23, 2017

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Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 Event at Coimbatore India

BizTalk360 and community initiatives:

On April 22, 2017, BizTalk360 organized the fifth edition of Global Azure Bootcamp (GAB) event at PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. GAB is a worldwide community event on Microsoft Azure concepts and took place across 250 locations worldwide on the same day. As the business arena changes, anyone who isn’t cultivating an energetic community will doubtlessly drop behind. Azure Bootcamps are organized to ensure that our technology community is on-pace with cloud advancements. Community events are one of our favorite channels for inspiration! Technologists get ideas on the latest technology trends and getting the exclusives on what is the roadmap of the Microsoft platform. Because we always love to share what we know, we keep an eye out for the latest stuff in the integration platform through our community program TechMeet360.

Event Strength and Registration panel activeness

Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 Event at Coimbatore India What a fantastic morning! the panelists and our admired team of fabulous volunteers are busy in the registration and ensuring all the preparation have been done properly and welcoming the attendees and Speakers. Our team was excited to see 100% of our attendees at the conference hall and we have witnessed a great commitment from all our attendees. The crowd has a distinct mixture of students, faculties from colleges and industry professionals; a 75% increase of attendees on a comparative scale from last year. I was particularly proud of our team efforts to reach the student community in Coimbatore, with more than 60% of students attending the boot camp.

Speakers Arrival

Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 Event at Coimbatore India Big thanks to our speakers who arrived at the venue an hour before the event started. Some of them even came after finishing their night shifts (wondered about their passion towards the technology and community).

Welcome Note by Sriram Hariharan

Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 Event at Coimbatore India The Welcome note is delivered by our Assistant Manager-Marketing/Events Sriram Hariharan by briefly explaining the core essence of this event and sincerely thanked our attendees & sponsors of the event.

Key Note Speech

Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 Event at Coimbatore India Deepak Rajendran – Community Program Manager –Microsoft India, started the keynote speech with what is the community and which value it adds to the future generation and his experience and insight about the future technology trends. He also told on how to brush up your coding and technology literacy in line with the latest technologies.

Session 1 –  Introduction to Cloud Computing

Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 Event at Coimbatore India After an enlightening and informative key note, now the real-time cloud-engineering starts. An introduction on cloud computing delivered by MSFT Vinod Sundarraj. It was a fantastic session and he has set the platform perfectly for the rest of the sessions in the day. He started off with the basic cloud computing concepts, explaining cloud computing from a layman’s point of view using Pizza as a Service which was a highlight. Also, he has shared the case study of Rolls-Royce – Microsoft partnership on cloud-computing, inspiring the whole audience! It was like Azure is on the rise and there seems to be no inevitable end to its presence in future.

Snacks Time

For keeping the audience motivated, snacks were waiting outside not only just for relaxing but also to interact with each other. We have observed that our attendees were able to mingle with each other and were sharing each other’s experience.

Session 2 – Azure Logic Apps and Microsoft Flow

Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 Event at Coimbatore India Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 Event at Coimbatore India After a yummy snack, next session begun by MSFT Harikharan Krishnaraju and MSFT Karan Singh about Azure Logic apps and Microsoft Flows from Microsoft GTSC. They explained where the Logic Apps solution of Microsoft come into the picture in real time business scenarios. Readymade templates have been explained and how we can utilize Logic Apps in the business to business solutions to seamlessly exchange the messages across the applications. The demo was an interesting part; Connecting the Instagram with Facebook and the twitter.

Session 3 – Azure Cognitive Services

Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 Event at Coimbatore India “Introduction video puts a strong focus in the audience before starting the session –  “Seeing AI” a project by a core Microsoft developer – Saqib” Yes, MSFT Amit Tripathi and MSFT Madhura Bharadwaj from Microsoft started the session with a brilliant video of how powerful cognitive services are! And how they make changes on the other side of human world. They started with the cognitive services basics and showed availability of the different cognitive services API with a good example of Emotion API which identifies the emotion of the person. Additionally, one of the cool project which recognizes the name of the dog and shows off all the details about it by giving the distinct dog image.

Lunch Break

A big thank you to Microsoft for sponsoring the lunch (Subway meal boxes) for all GAB attendees. Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 Event at Coimbatore India A hot veggie Delight with beverage, cookies and lays from the Subway meals made for the perfect lunch before the next inspiring sessions.

Session 4 – Xamarin and Azure Mobile Services

Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 Event at Coimbatore India The post lunch session kicked off by Mr. Kuppurasu Nagaraj, Technical Coordinator at BizTalk360 explaining about how to get started with Xamarin and Azure Mobile Services (developers can use Xamarin tools to write native Android, iOS, and Windows apps with native user interfaces and share code across multiple platforms, including Windows and macOS.). It was an interesting and interactive session since it is a new concept in the Azure stack. Kuppurasu has explained how to create Xamarin forms and Azure Mobile Services.

Session 5 – Introduction to Azure Service Bus

Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 Event at Coimbatore India Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 Event at Coimbatore India You know Flipkart. Did you ever hear about “BlipKart”? ”BlipKart” is an e-Commerce application which was created by our speakers Mr. Arunkumar – Director of Product Engineering and Mr. Sunny Sharma – Senior Software Engineer at BizTalk360. Using the Azure Service Bus, they have built this e-Commerce application within a couple of hours. This shows how powerful the Azure Service Bus is and the demo was well received by our audience.

Session 6 – Introduction to Azure API Apps

Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 Event at Coimbatore India Last but not the least, Mr. Uma Maheswaran – Senior Software Engineer and Mr. Vishnu Balachandran – Software Engineer at BizTalk360 proceeded with the session on “Introduction to Azure API Apps”. The session started with a basic introduction on What is API?, and progressed with how a developer can leverage Azure to make API’s publicly available in the cloud using API Apps. They demonstrated how to create a simple API and how easy it is to get it running on the Azure Cloud. Also, it had a brief looking into Swagger.

Speaker Panel

Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 Event at Coimbatore India Being surrounded by so many young students, our speakers were getting ready to answer the thoughtful questions. The vibrant panel discussion was started with the question, Is there any special hardware available in your datacenter to support Azure? (quite interesting one!)
  • This is such a difficult question for our speakers, due to the NDA they are bit hesitant to answer. But the common answer was that there is a special fabric they are using it as a heart for the cloud.
Is there any specific benefits Microsoft is providing for the student community?
  • Microsoft is providing the free Azure subscription for the students worth 100 dollar to exhibit their knowledge in the Azure stack by creating virtual machines to get in contact with the latest technologies.
Advise to the Student community by speakers to shine and in line with the latest technologies: – Attend events like hackathons to sharpen your mind knife – Learn Data Structures and understand the algorithm flows.

Vote of Thanks

It was the time for the vote of thanks. Mr. Sriram Hariharan addressed the crowd and extended our sincere thanks to all our attendees and a deep sense of appreciation for all the speakers. Furthermore, we have extended our special thanks to the management of PSG College of Technology with a memento. Then came the most awaiting moment of the day, the awards for the most interactive person, for a maximum number of tweets and retweets about GAB. Finally, Sriram Hariharan announced the name of the prize winners.

Prize Winners:

We have heard lots of positive feedback from attendees and we will take it forward to the upcoming events. If you’re sad to have missed it, make sure to stay in touch on future events.