Enhancing BizTalk Efficiency: Discover What’s New in BizTalk360 Version 11

Published on : Jun 5, 2024

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We are excited to introduce BizTalk360 version 11! We have made substantial improvements and handled unresolved support tickets from our valued clients.

Highlights of the Release

  • Certificate Monitoring: Monitor the expiration dates of installed certificates in BizTalk and IIS servers.​
  • Standard Logic App Monitoring: Keep track of the state and other metrics of Standard Logic Apps.​
  • Opsgenie Notification Channel: Configure and receive BizTalk360 notifications directly in Opsgenie.
  • BizTalk Best Practice Tool Integration: Scan and generate best practice reports from BizTalk360 by integrating with the best practice tool.​
  • BizTalk360 Advisor: Calculate a score based on health and usage metrics to help you maximize the usage of BizTalk360.
  • Reporting: Enhanced as a general feature to support application, analytics dashboard and secure SQL query reports.
  • BizTalk360 Health: More health metrics is added in health notification, which helps you to maintain a healthy environment.
  • Tracking notification is triggered when there are any changes made in tracking manager.

Proactive Certificate Monitoring with BizTalk360

#1 Ensuring Seamless EDI Communication and Compliance in BizTalk Server

In BizTalk, certificates are crucial; they maintain secure and reliable communication between systems. BizTalk360 has integrated certificate monitoring. It lets users to monitor certificates and get alerts before they expire.

Consider a company that relies on BizTalk Server for secure EDI communication with its partners. They use an AS2 certificate for EDI communication. It lets them exchange sensitive business documents. These include purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notices. If it’s expired, it can disrupt communication with trading partners. This can cause delays in business and potential losses.

Proactive monitoring of AS2 certificates is essential for maintaining operational efficiency. By finding and fixing certificate expiry issues early, companies can avoid disruptions. Automated alerts and notifications warn about expirations. They help businesses stay ahead of problems.

Here’s why certificate monitoring is crucial,

  • Prevents Disruptions: Expired AS2 certificates disrupt secure communication between trading partners.
  • It ensures business continuity. Proactive renewal prevents business harm from certificate expiry.

#2 SSL Certificate Monitoring in IIS Server

Moreover, many industries have strict compliance requirements. They include finance, healthcare, and government. They mandate the use of SSL/TLS certificates to encrypt data in transit. Expired or misconfigured SSL/TLS certificates pose big security risks. These risks include man-in-the-middle attacks, data breaches, and unauthorized access to data. Monitoring IIS certificates helps ensure compliance with these rules. It guarantees that valid certificates are always in use.

BizTalk360 facilitates this process by enabling users to monitor their certificates. Users can pick the certificate and set a reminder for its expiry. This ensures they get timely alerts about expirations.


Standard Logic App Monitoring

Monitor the state of your standard Logic Apps and track threshold violations for various metrics, such as:

  • Bytes Received
  • Bytes Sent
  • Function Execution Count
  • HTTP Response
  • Memory Working Set
  • Workflow Run Metrics

Whenever a threshold violation occurs, you’ll receive an immediate notification.

State Monitoring

With state monitoring in BizTalk360, you can ensure a Logic App stays enabled. For example, if a Logic App becomes disabled due to payment issues, compliance concerns, or other reasons, you’ll get instant alerts. They will help you fix the issue quickly.

Metrics Monitoring

Consider this scenario, The number of actions completed reflects the reliability of your Logic App workflows. You can set this condition in rule-based monitoring. It will notify you when the count of completed workflow actions falls below 25. The monitoring service will track this rule and send alerts when it meets the condition.


BizTalk Best Practices Analyzer Integration

The BizTalk Best Practices Analyzer (BPA) tool analyzes your BizTalk Server. It makes a report that highlights potential issues, misconfigurations, and deviations from best practices. Adding this tool to BizTalk360 lets you scan and generate best practice reports for your BizTalk. You can do this directly in BizTalk360.

Benefits of Integrating BPA in BizTalk360

  • You can do instant and scheduled scans. They keep your BizTalk environment in check.
  • Consider a company that relies heavily on its BizTalk Server. It uses it to integrate various systems and applications within its infrastructure. Due to the complexity of the environment and frequent changes in requirements, BizTalk configurations may deviate from best practices over time. Developers might accidentally introduce configurations. These settings could harm performance, security, or scalability. Regular BPA scans are advised to prevent these issues.

You can use the BPA tool in BizTalk360. It helps you keep your BizTalk system healthy. It ensures it runs well and efficiently while following industry best practices.


Opsgenie Notification channel

Integrating Opsgenie with BizTalk360 lets you get all alerts from BizTalk360 as incidents in Opsgenie.

For example, if any artifact goes down, BizTalk360 quickly finds the issue. It creates an incident in Opsgenie. You can then assign the incident to the appropriate individual to take the necessary actions.

Opsgenie is available as a default notification channel in BizTalk360. To set up this integration, you need to update an API key and integration URL in BizTalk360.


Advisor Score

The BizTalk360 Advisor gives a score on the product usage and environment’s health. It helps user to maintain the health of BizTalk360 and gains better user experience with the actions and recommendations.

The Usage Score evaluates how efficiently users are utilizing BizTalk360, in relation to the purchased license. It assesses how much you use the available features. This way, you get the most from your investment.

The Health Score is determined by various factors such as:

  • Service status of monitoring and analytics.
  • Violations in configured alarms.
  • Index fragmentation in database maintenance.
  • Status of the SMTP email template.
  • Exceptions in data purging sub-services.

Advisor Actions for Improvement

The score is just one part. BizTalk360 Advisor also gives recommended actions. They help you to maximize product use and improve your environment’s health. For example, setting up a health check alarm is crucial. It lets you monitor your environment’s health. After you set the health alarm, the action will be marked as done. Then, your score will increase.

Advisor Recommendations

Along with the score, BizTalk360 Advisor provides recommended actions to help you maximize product usage and improve the health of your environment. For example, configuring a health check alarm is a crucial action item that allows you to regularly monitor your environment’s health status. Once you configure the health alarm, the corresponding action item will be marked as complete, and your score will increase.


Application Dashboard

The Application Dashboard in BizTalk360 provides a full view of application status. It shows host instance status, message transactions, tracking, and service instance status. User can schedule and generate this dashboard as a report. It offers a convenient way to monitor your BizTalk environment.

User can start their day by logging into the dashboard. They can access all the vital information about their applications.

It has predefined widgets that provide insights into,

  • Application Status
  • Artifacts Status
  • Service Instance Status
  • Host Instance Details


The reporting in BizTalk360 has been improved. It’s now a general feature which gives users more flexibility and insight.

You can now schedule reports for the Analytics and Application dashboards. You can also schedule secure SQL query reports.

Report generation for these features is subject to your license privileges.

License Tier Specifications
  • Application Dashboard: It’s available to users with the silver tier license.
  • Secure SQL Query Reports: It’s accessible to users with the gold tier license.
  • Analytics Dashboard Report Generation: Offered to users with the platinum-tier license.

Highlights of Feature Enhancements

BizTalk360 Health 

BizTalk360 Health Notifications have been enhanced to offer a clearer overview of the health of your environment. The improvements come with a range of indicators.

  • Database: This includes your databases’ general condition. It covers index fragmentation and page count. It also covers Database Size and Feature Migration progress.
  • Service Status: The current state of the analytics and monitoring services.
  • BizTalk360 Logs: Critical BizTalk360 issues.
  • Health status of alarm mapping. It has information about alarms, like the count of errors and warnings.

System Resources

The system resource monitoring has been improved. It now lets users pick between two options. They can choose the average value or the count of threshold violations. This choice determines the monitor results from the last cycle.

Average – This method finds the average of the usage samples. It uses samples from a specified duration. It compares the average against the threshold rules to find the monitor result.

Count- It bases the monitor result on the number of violations. They come from the usage samples collected in the last cycle.

Tracking Notifications

Tracking activities that are started during a day are recorded and sent to the users.

The alerts provide all the information about environment and artifacts. They also show the operation, modified time, and source. The source indicates if the activity was started in BizTalk360 or via the Admin console.

Also, the system saves a log of these alerts in the Notifications history.

Enhanced BAM Time Zone settings to the view column

BAM view activities are showcased according to the user’s profile time zone and format.

The Time Zone configuration has been introduced at the view column level within BAM. This feature enables the conversion of the user’s preferred time zone and format in the BAM’s View Activities Time Configuration.

The release comprises numerous enhancements in addition to those mentioned here. Refer to the Release notes for a comprehensive overview of all the improvements included in this version.