Don’t blindly trust Google Spam filter logic

Published on : Nov 4, 2011

Category : General



We use Google apps for all our domain management, so far we trusted it’s spam filter logic heavily. We never checked it. We give our contact email address every where, we don’t normally tend to manipulate our email address like contact at It’s purely because we thought the spam filters are much matured now and we are ok. But this morning we had a shock and disaster situation. We are dealing with one of the biggest customer, and a senior person in the company emailed us yesterday asking for more information and a demo. But Google for some reason treated that as spam and dumped it straight into the spam folder. Luckily someone else who know my personal email address within the organisation emailed me about the situation, which triggered me to check the spam folder. To my sock, I noticed at least 7 emails in the past 30 days that were genuine in the spam folder. As a start-up we tend to reply back to the emails within 20 minutes. We really can’t afford to lose interested customers. This is a a disaster for us. For those who emailed us at contact at and haven’t received a reply, we sincerely apologies for the mistake. Now it’s in our process to check the spam folder twice a day.