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Published on : Sep 1, 2016

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When I joined BizTalk360 5 months ago, I was very confident and under the assumption that recruitment is just piece of cake (because I have been doing that for past few years in my previous organization). When Saravana Kumar told me that the top priority for me is to bring right people to our organization, my reply was “Yes, Sure ! I will do this in couple of months.” But my whole perception completely changed when I started working with the team very closely. The kind of technology that we work with to develop our products are top notch and cutting edge technologies. Therefore, the task is way bigger than what I thought. I’ll take you through the challenges we faced and how we introduced the walk in process to produce the right talent.

Challenges in getting the Right Talent

Coimbatore, not being one of the fancy cities like Bangalore or Chennai, it was hard to attract the right candidates to our organization. We approached many recruitment agencies, portals, employee referral champions, but all in vain. There were times when our technical team members were busy conducting interviews and were disappointed to see the quality of people we were interviewing. Finally, we decided to take the strategy which most startup companies hesitate to take.

Produce Talent – BizTalk360 Walk in Drive

Our CTO/Founder Saravana Kumar always believes in these words –
If we can’t find the right talent, let us produce the talent with fresh mindset & attitude
In my past employment, recruiting freshers has been very successful, and I’ve seen them performing equal to experienced and talented resources. We took a bold step to recruit freshers and train them with the skill set that we are using on day-to-day basis. We decided to introduce the concept of BizTalk360 Walk in drive for freshers. Over the last two months, we have conducted two BizTalk360 Walk in drives. Turnaround for these BizTalk360 walk in drives were remarkable — we had 150+ candidates participating in this drive. Given the number, we did not want over confidence to take over us. We set our recruitment standard bar very high. For good talent and high quality, we decided that we will never compromise on these standards. Out of 150 candidates, we only selected 6 candidates with the right talent and who will fit into our organization culture and environment.

Trust and Freedom

People are skeptical and questions such as “whether freshers will continue after their training?”, “what-if they acquire skill and leave us?”, “should we get contract signed from them, or get the graduation certificate from them as security?” always remain in the mind when taking these kind of approaches. We at BizTalk360 work differently — we do not believe in retaining our team members through enforcement. We respect what our team members wanted to achieve in their career, and we facilitate opportunities and freedom for them in our organization to excel their career. Young group of students who are freshly passed out from college, longing to work for a corporate where they get lot of learning, get to work in a challenging environment and cutting edge technologies — we can make them easily happy to stay with us for a longer duration. It has always worked in the past and present, and we are very confident this model will work in the future also.

Slow and steady

Overall, it may look like we are slow in whole hiring process. Yes, we are! It is better to be slow and build our foundations strong with high quality. I strongly believe the fact that candidates with right character and attitude and skills can be trained.
You’re not just recruiting employees, but are sowing the seeds of your company’s reputation

How to be part of BizTalk360?

If you are passionate about programming and learning new skills every day, then you might get chance to work with us. As a first step, you need to send your profile to us. For more details of our recruitment details, you can visit our website BizTalk360 Careers page. The right candidate will be selected for the final interview where we will test their attitude, eagerness to learn new technologies, their adaptability to challenging environment and cultural fit with our organization and our BizTalk360 team.