BizTalk360 visiting Portugal for Oporto BizTalk Innovation Day

Published on : Mar 7, 2013

Category : Events



You probably don’t need any introduction about BizTalk Innovation Day and our BizTalk Crew team. But for those of you who don’t know! BizTalk Crew BizTalk Crew was born without any planning nearly 2 years ago consisting of Steef-Jan Wiggers, Saravana Kumar, Nino-Crudele, Sandro Pereira, and Tord Nordahl all Microsoft Integration MVP’s, all specialising in different aspects of Microsoft BizTalk Server. image Picture: BizTalk Crew recent visit to Boeing factory in Seattle, during the MVP summit 2013. BTW we didn’t give a talk there 🙂 BizTalk Innovation Day BizTalk Innovation Day is 1 or 2 days community event focused purely on BizTalk Server. Previously there were only BizTalk user group meetings with couple of sessions in the evening. But we wanted to make it an European event, with focus purely on BizTalk Server and perform 3-4 events in a year. This is our second event this year, most of you might still remember the biggest London event beginning of this year. As part of the BizTalk Crew/BizTalk Innovation day, our next stop is at Oporto, Portugal on 14th of March. As BizTalk Crew we take responsibility for organising the event in our respective countries. This event is organised by Sandro Pereira our Portuguese friend. I’m personally excited since this is the first time I’m presenting any technical stuff in Portugal and in-fact this is my first visit to Portugal as well. I’m going to present about BizTalk360 and how it can improve the efficiency of your BizTalk Server operations. This may not be a surprise news, but I’ll be focusing a lot on the new features that’s been added to our new 6.0 release. In fact this is the first event we are presenting after the release of v6.0. In recent events we are getting more help from Microsoft BizTalk product team and they are presenting as well along with the BizTalk Crew. For the Oporto event Akshat Sharma from product team will be presenting the keynote “BizTalk Server 2013 and future vision