BizTalk360 version 5.0 BETA with exciting features, available for download

Published on : Aug 31, 2012

Category : BizTalk360 Update



Monitoring DashboardWe are exited to announce the immediate availability of BizTalk360 version 5.0 BETA. This is one of the comprehensive release for BizTalk360 with the following set of new capabilities, enhancements, performance improvements and bug fixes. The development for this release is frozen and we dedicated the whole of September for regression testing, bug fixes and minor usability improvements. For time being we got bullet list of features that’s coming in 5.0, over the month of September we will put more articles and video covering the topics. You can download 5.0 beta here

New Capabilities:

  • Monitoring Dashboard
  • Backup – Disaster Recovery configuration visualizer
  • Process monitoring for receive locations and send ports (aka silence/inactivity monitoring),
  • HP Operation Manager Integration
  • Support for Message Box Viewer (MBV) 12
  • Run MBV anytime directly from UI
  • Write alerts to Event Viewer (in addition to email, SMS, HP Operation manager alert)
  • Disable individual alerts


  • Clear exception messages during first launch
  • Select ALL applications during user access policy setting, monitoring setting etc.
  • Enhanced UI for monitoring sub-services management
  • Email template cleaned up, so empty sections won’t be displayed.

Performance Improvements

  • Better application loading times, trimmed down unnecessary data when not required
  • Improved Environment/Platform setting load times
  • Improved monitoring service by avoiding unnecessary DB calls and consolidated DB calls

Bug Fixes

  • Issue when same user assigned as super user both by Role and Individual user
  • Identity Mapping issue, when a user is removed from certain role.
  • Governance data filter in multi environment configuration
  • HTTPS end points monitoring when using test certificates
  • Chrome caching issue when new BizTalk360 upgraded to new version
  • Unable to set MBV schedules on Tuesdays
  • Typos and grammatical exceptions messages in couple of places

Earn $10 for each bug you report

We wanted to thank people who are willing to helps and get excited about releases. So, we are offering $10 for each bug you report during the BETA testing period (till 31st September). The general guidelines and procedures to log the bug can be found here. /Saravana Kumar