A Look Back on the BizTalk360 Technical Support 2019

Published on : Jan 14, 2020

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BizTalk360 Product Support – Every year brings a new learning and new experience. We receive support tickets through different channels like emails, support portal, feedback widget. It is the responsibility of every support engineer to make sure the support case is taken care of and resolved on time, thereby aiming for 100 % customer satisfaction.


2019, of course, was a better year than before. A lot of customer relationship calls, best practice sessions, customer demos and much more. We are happy to share the stats of the support cases handled by us in 2019. This is the result of our continuous hard work and dedication which has resulted in some really positive numbers in BizTalk360 Customer Support.

  • Total tickets received for technical product support – 1274
  • No of tickets closed – 1064
  • Nearly 75% of the tickets resolved within SLA
  • January and September were busiest months which had the highest number of tickets received

Customer Satisfaction Report

This is another interesting factor which helps to know the rating of customer satisfaction. For every support ticket that is getting closed, there is a customer survey that gets attached to the closure response where they rate the resolution provided by the support engineers.


The rating may be awesome, neutral or disappointed. The customers can provide their comments as per the resolution provided. The customer satisfaction reports help us improve our support based on the ratings and comments that we receive from the customers. This report is taken every week. We are happy to inform that most of the responses we received were of ‘Awesome’ rating and very few had the other ratings.


Here are some of the customer quotes the BizTalk360 Support team has received in the past few months:

“Your support is amazing. It will definitely be a selling point here :-).”

“Fantastic support. Thank you!”

“Thanks for the quick and effective solution for monitoring this scenario. It is working for us. Really appreciate it!”

“Felt good to get a resolution which exactly solved our problem 🙂 well done “

“Quick, friendly and very knowledgeable support! very happy with the service :)”

These kinds of comments motivate us to do more and thereby providing the best customer support.

Here is a one such customer satisfaction report:


Major Releases in 2019

The feedback portal is one place where the customers can provide their suggestions and valuable feedback on the features that they already use and also features that they expect in BizTalk360. It is based on these feedback and customer votes; the features are selected for every release.

In 2019, we had 5 major releases, 8.9.5, 8.9.6, 9.0 Phase 1, 2 and 3.

For the list of new features and enhancements shipped in each release, refer to the release notes.

Some of the highlighting features added in 2019 are:

  • SQL cluster monitoring
  • Clustered host instance monitoring
  • Dynatrace integration for Analytics
  • BizTalk360 Activities Auditing
  • BizTalk Group Dashboard
  • Configuring polling interval for monitoring
  • Database size monitoring
  • SMTP Notification channel
  • Quick alarm configuration

For more details on the top 10 features in 2019, refer to the link. Also, the release includes enhancements as well as bug fixes. We always recommend the customers to upgrade to the latest version so that they are in line with our releases. This will avoid the issues with the product and helps us in the support as well.

In addition to the CR calls, to help customers in all aspects and understand their challenges, the client relationship team introduced the Quarterly health check session this year. In this session, we, the technical support engineers, would assist the customers in the upgrade process if they require assistance and understand their challenges in using BizTalk360 and provide resolutions.

This makes us understand the customers’ expectations better and help in improving the product to cater to the needs of the customer. As the saying goes, ‘Every ending has a new beginning’, the end of 2019 has brought us new lessons and experiences with various customers and new processes. Every support case has a lesson in it, be it the customer scenario, their infrastructure settings or our way of troubleshooting the case, our responses. We make sure that we improve our support, thereby making our customers happy and working more efficiently.

As part of the customer services, we also have the on-site BizTalk360 consultancy. Sometimes it would be more convenient to speak to somebody in person and with your BizTalk environment at hand. For such scenarios, we provide our customers with the opportunity to have an experienced BizTalk360 Product Consultant visit you at your premises.

The client relationship calls done every quarter helps us understand the pain points of the customers and the most used features in BizTalk360. The resolutions would be provided immediately in the call if possible or separate tickets would be raised for the issues so that it would be easy for tracking.

In 2020

2020 is, of course, going to be a very great year, with no doubt at all, the important reason being Microsoft BizTalk Server 2020 will be announced by Microsoft which in turn sets the pace for the new features to be included in BizTalk360.

The most awaited event in the Microsoft Integration space, Integrate2020 is on the way. The dates and venues are finalized. Grab the early bird offer which ends by March 31st, 2020.

We have an upcoming webinar on “BizTalk360 Product v9.x product walkthrough”. Please register for the same here. More webinars to come on the way.


We would like to request you, our customers, so please take the time to fill this questionnaire. This helps us to prioritize the next upcoming feature tasks and will let us know what your main pain points are. In case of any queries, you can always write to, so that we can immediately get your queries answered and resolve the issues. Happy monitoring with BizTalk360!

Every ending has a new beginning. Let’s hope and pray for 2020 to bring loads of wonders and happiness.