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Choosing between BizTalk360 and Turbo360 for monitoring Azure Service Bus

Published on : Jun 21, 2017

Category : BizTalk360 Update



Note: Serverless360 is rebranded as Turbo360. This rebranding sends a clear message to our customers about our vision and roadmap for solving Serverless integration challenges. Read the announcement from this blog.

Recently we received few support emails where people were asking about the overlap between BizTalk360 and Turbo360 when it comes to Azure Service Bus monitoring. Which ones should they go for? Also, the question was extended in such a way that if they are using Azure Logic Apps and Web API’s (Web Endpoints), then which is the better product to opt for.

Given both the products got the capability to monitor Azure Service Bus, it’s a valid question and let me try to clarify the positioning of both the products.


When we released BizTalk360 version 8.1, we introduced a bunch of Azure Monitoring capabilities in the product like:

  • Azure Service Bus Monitoring,
  • Azure Logic Apps Monitoring and
  • Azure API Apps Monitoring

The Web End Points Monitoring capability was also heavily enhanced to support features like adding query strings, body payload, HTTP headers, etc., in the request message and enriched validation like JSONPath, XPath, response time, etc., on the response message. The changes made the feature super powerful for monitoring SOAP, REST/HTTP-based web endpoints.

The long term goal for us at BizTalk360 is to provide a consolidated single pane of glass operations, monitoring, and analytics solution for customers who are using Microsoft Integration Stack for their integration needs. In the upcoming 8.5 version, we are extending Azure capability even further by bringing support for Azure Integration Accounts within BizTalk360.

If you are a Microsoft BizTalk Server customer and slowly started leveraging Azure Service Bus, Logic Apps, API apps, and Web API’s for your integration requirements, then BizTalk360 will be the ideal product both for Managing and Monitor the entire infrastructure. Typically Microsoft BizTalk Server customers who started utilizing some of the Azure Integration technology stacks like Azure Service Bus, Logics Apps, API apps will get benefitted by using BizTalk360.

When it comes to Azure Service Bus monitoring in BizTalk360, we only cover Azure Service Bus Queues. Currently, we do not cover Azure Service Bus Topics, Azure Service Bus Relay, and Azure Service Bus EventHubs. Therefore, if you are using any of these technologies (that are not monitored with BizTalk360), then you’ll also need Turbo360.


Turbo360 is designed and developed to provide complete operations and monitoring capabilities for Azure Service Bus Messaging, Relay and Event Hubs. Turbo360 provides in-depth monitoring capabilities for:

  • Azure Service Bus Queues
  • Azure Service Bus Topics (at subscription level)
  • Azure Service Bus Relays, and
  • Azure Service Bus Event Hubs (at partition level)

Turbo360 is built as a complement to Azure portal capabilities like Application Insights and Azure Monitor. Turbo360 is also not just a monitoring solution for Azure Service Bus. The idea of Turbo360 is to make it a world-class product for complete operations, monitoring, and analytics of Azure Service Bus. The product already supports a variety of productivity and advanced operational capabilities like:

  • Message Resubmission (from dead letter queues/topics)
  • Send messages (single, bulk, scheduled) – useful for development and testing
  • CRUD operation on Queues, Topics, Eventhubs
  • Analytics on dead letter queue (exception grouping)
  • Export/Import entities between namespaces
  • Auditing of user activities on any entities
  • Editing properties of entities
  • Alert notification to various channels like Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc

The above is not the complete list of features – it just gives you the flavor of what can be accomplished with Turbo360. Clearly, BizTalk360 will not have this level of coverage for Azure Service Bus.

Therefore, if you are using Azure Service Bus for mission-critical integration work, then Serverless360 is the viable option to improve productivity and avoid disaster.