BizTalk360 – License relaxation for evaluation/trial

Published on : Jun 22, 2011

Category : BizTalk360 Update



One of the common requests we received recently from customers was to relax the licensing rules for evaluation purposes. The original design didn’t allow installing Standard/Enterprise edition on a Microsoft BizTalk Server Developer edition machine. This imposed a serious problem, the customer can only trial the product on a proper test environment. With the release of 1.0.185 version, we modified the rules slightly, so now its possible to install Enterprise/Standard edition on a Microsoft BizTalk Server developer edition machine. Photo 21-06-2011 21 59 59 Here is how the overall licensing lifecycle works: 1. User register and login to download page 2. User will be presented with choice to download any of the 3 available BizTalk 360 editions (Developer, Standard or Enterprise). 3. If the user want to just use the FREE developer edition he/she can download the developer edition msi and install it on the BTS developer machine. As long as it meets the FREE licensing criteria, BizTalk 360 should work out of the box without any further action. 4. If the user wants to evaluate one of the commercial editions, he/she can install either standard/enterprise edition on the BTS developer machine. When BizTalk 360 is launched for the first time, you’ll see the error message as shown below image 5. A 30 days trial key is automatically emailed to the user, when they register in The user need to enter the key using the “Settings” link in the right hand corner (Settings>License Management >edit). Once saved you need to refresh the whole browser (Ctrl+F5) and can see the Trial(Key) status in the status bar. image 6. BizTalk 360 should start working now until the expiry period. Once it elapsed the expiry date, the application will stop working and display licensing related error message. 7. The user then can either purchase the required license or uninstall the commercial version and install the FREE developer version. Note: You can check the edition of BizTalk 360 you have installed by going to Settings>About image Social: twitter: @biztalk360 facebook: support: