BizTalk360 at Norwegian user group and BizTalk Innovation day

Published on : Sep 14, 2012

Category : Events



As preparation for our 5.0 release in October we are presenting BizTalk360 in various live user group presentations this month. Here are the list of event during the month of September.

Norwegian user group (NoBug), September 18th, Gothenburg, Sweden

image Norwegian BizTalk User group (NoBug): NoBug is community for BizTalk users and developers in the Nordic countries, which covers Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. It’s mainly sponsored by Sigma, Integration Competency Center (ICC) The theme for this month is around Monitoring. Here is the agenda 1. Monitoring using BizTalk 360,  Saravana Kumar, Founder, CTO – BizTalk360 2. Case study NetOnNet: Peter Lindgren, Senior developer, Sigma and BizTalk MCPD. You can sign-up for this event by sending an email to

Norwegian user group (NoBug), September 19th, Oslo, Norway

image This is basically a repeat of the Gothenburg event in Oslo, Norway. You can sign-up for this event by sending an email to

Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Day, September 26-27th, Stavanger, Norway

image This is one of the biggest BizTalk event ever held in Scandinavia organised by Bouvet  a strong consultancy company with over 850 employees and 14 offices in Norway and Sweden. The event is held over 2 days bringing in 4 BizTalk MVP’s across Europe and 2 strong community members. If you are in and around the regions I’ll strongly recommend to attend this event, your chance to ask Expert BizTalk questions. Special thanks goes to Tord Glad Nordahl for pulling together this event. Here is our speakers team (sorry Lex, you took this picture). This picture was taken after our Italy BizTalk innovation day in the Ferrari showroom in Milan. image Here is the complete agenda for 2 days. You can sign-up for this event here Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Day. DAY 1 09:00   Registration 09:30   Introduction 10:30   Pause 10:45   Steef-Jan Wiggers: Adapter Pack Integration Capabilities (BizTalk) 12:00   Lunch 13:00   Sandro Pereira: Introduction to the Azure Service Bus EAI/EDI features. 13:45   Pause 14:00   Tord Glad Nordahl: Throttling & Thresholds 14:45   Pause 15:00   Saravana Kumar: Using BizTalk360 15:45   Lex Hegt: Message Flow Monitoring BizTalk360 16:00   Pause 16:15   Nino Crudele: BizTalk assessment and  architecture review 17:00   Tord Glad Nordahl: Wrap up – Road map BizTalk Next 17:30   Finish 20:00   Dinner DAY 2 09:00 Startup 09:30 Labs 11:30 Lunch 12:30 Labs 15:30 Finish