BizTalk360 and a BizTalk Summit 2013 Re-cap, Stockholm – 14th Jan 2014

Published on : Jan 13, 2014

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On 14th January 2014 we are invited to present Monitoring and Management capabilities of BizTalk360 in Stockholm. The event is organised by Sweden BizTalk User Group (SBUG) at Microsoft office in Akalla, Stockholm. In the first part of the presentation Johan Hedberg (Microsoft Integration MVP) will do a re-cap of what was announced in November 2013 at BizTalk Summit 2013, Seattle.  As one of a few Swedes who were there so Johan will summarize the most important news and messages on and around BizTalk Server and BizTalk Services, which you can carry with you back to your organizations and customers. In the second part of the presentation Saravana Kumar, Founder-BizTalk360 will take you through the monitoring and management capabilities of BizTalk360 focusing mainly on the new HTML5 interface and some of exciting features we are brining in 7.1 release of the product called “BizTalk360 for managed services”. You can see a short demonstration video here

Event Details

18.00   BizTalk Summit Re-cap 18:45   Break 19.45   BizTalk360 – Monitoring and Management

Date &  Venue

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 6:00 PM (CET) Akalla, STOCKHOLM Registration: Click here to register

BizTalk Summit 2014, London – Ticket Raffle

We are also giving away 2 FREE tickets to our  BizTalk Summit 2014, London event worth £299 each. All you need to do is attend the event and get part in the raffle. Note: Only the tickets are free, winners must arrange for their own travel/accommodation.