BizTalk Summit 2015 Day 2 – A Recap….

Published on : Apr 16, 2015

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Sriram Hariharan


This blog is in continuation to our BizTalk Summit 2015 Day 1 Recap.

Sessions Specific To BizTalk

After an enthralling day of sessions on Day 1, it was time for the Day 2 to get rolling. On this beautiful day, Steef Jan-Wiggers started off the day’s sessions talking about hybrid integration scenarios (say, for example, integrating on-premise SAP with cloud services) and how BizTalk Server 2013 R2 can help you to build these kind of solutions. Steef also presented some demos on the possible “New Hybrid World” for connecting on-premise applications to the cloud using BizTalk Server 2013 R2. The enthusiasm level of the attendees remained the same on Day 2 as seen here Following Steef Jan-Wiggers, Johan Hedberg explained the techniques to get the best performance out of the BizTalk solution without modifying its underlying architecture and operations insight. A few notable tips from this session were – The session was very well received and a few people even wanted to see an extended session on one of the Integration Monday events. That’s exactly what’s happening on Integration Monday on April 20th. See here. The first session on Day 2 was packed with 4 sessions (each 30 minutes) from the MVPs. Next in was Sandro Pereira. Sandro gave tips & tricks for BizTalk Admins and Developers that impressed quite a few in the audience. We could see the mood swing clearly on the twitter feed immediately. It was now Tord Glad Nordahl’s turn to talk about the Power BI tool and mixing BAM data with ERP, CRM our any other line of business solutions.

The Second Half On Day 2

The second half of the day started off with Charles Young from Solidsoft Reply talking about “Microservices & the cloud based future of integration”. Charles was kind enough to accept our request to present this topic once again (of course with improvements in it), after we received a massive response for this event in the first Integration User Group session on January 19, 2015. We had a record attendee count of 250/250 for this session with 40 more people on waitlist. Charles spoke about the Hexagonal Architecture integration pattern – In the next session, Jon Fancey and Daniel Probert discussed about a new possible tool that could migrate BizTalk on-prem to Azure Logic Apps and as the session concluded, it was lunch time at #BizTalkSummit2015.

The Speakers

Lunch time saw the opportunity for the speakers to get a photo-op.

Day 2 – Post Lunch

With just 3 sessions to go, it was Kent Weare to talk about API Management – the first part in the series of two. Kent introduced the concepts of API & API Management with some cool examples (as pictures)! Again, a session well narrated and delivered by Kent received a round of applause from the audience as well as on the twitter hashtag. Here are a few comments – It was Tomasso Groenendijk to continue where Kent had left off in the previous session (part 2 of the API management sessions). Tomasso’s session included some cool demos where he exposed BizTalk ESB Itinerary services as APIs and infact during the demo, a few orders (specific to the demo) were placed from the Down Under – After Tomasso’s session, it was time for the final break of BizTalk Summit 2015 after which was the session that most people who came in were expecting – from the man himself – Nino Crudele.

The Last Session ….

Finally, the time came for the last session of the summit and it was Nino to showcase his craziness. Yes, Nino showcased some demos that had complete out-of-the-box thinking and integration concepts. Nino started off with the history of integration technologies and spoke about Microsoft Azure’s capabilities (why he would like to call it Azure of things given its operational capabilities). The session was well appreciated from the audience and the community – The end of Nino’s session marked the end of the BizTalk Summit 2015 event and it was curtains!

Feedback From The Attendees About The Event

Here are a few snippets of what people felt about the event – With that, I’ll end this blog here and share the day 2 pictures with you. Click here for Day 2 pictures. If you attended the event, we are conducting a feedback survey to understand your comments, concerns, and suggestions. Feel free to give your feedback that will help us organize the upcoming events in a better way – We will be updating the slides and videos on the event website. Watch out for the update on our social media channels.