BizTalk Monitoring Solutions (SCOM vs BizTalk360) white paper by Kent Weare

Published on : Apr 4, 2013

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BizTalk Server being a middleware platform, most of your important business transactions will start to flow through your BizTalk environments. It will soon become a no brainer, to start monitoring the health and availability of your BizTalk environments. There are few options available for you to monitor your BizTalk environments. Most of the popular enterprise wide monitoring solutions comes with some kind of management pack, smart plugins, add-on etc. to monitor your BizTalk environments. When it comes to BizTalk Server the two most popular monitoring solutions available in the market are Microsoft System Center Operations Manager – SCOM (with BizTalk management pack) and BizTalk360.   BizTalk Monitoring Solutions SCOM vs BizTalk360   BizTalk360 is not competing with SCOM (or any general purpose monitoring solutions), it’s sole purpose is to focus 100% on monitoring only BizTalk solutions (applications and supporting infrastructure). It’s objective is to make it easy and accessible to configure and manage monitoring BizTalk environments. It could be confusing for people to compare and contrast the benefits of both the products. There are strengths and weaknesses on each product. It’s important for you to understand it and make a conscious decision of which is the right product for your requirements. Kent Weare has done an excellent job in writing a white paper which just does that. You can download the white paper here.

BizTalk Monitoring Solutions white paper by Kent Weare

Kent WeareKent Weare is one of the recognized industry expert in BizTalk Server area. He has recently co-authored two BizTalk Server books: (MCTS): Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 (70-595) Certification Guide and Microsoft BizTalk 2010: Line of Business Systems Integration. For the past six consecutive years he has been recognized by Microsoft as a BizTalk, and more recently Integration, MVP (Most Valuable Professional). Kent is also a co-author of the BizTalk Server 2010 Administrator Training Kit where he was responsible for developing and delivering the BizTalk Management Pack for System Center module. In August 2010, Kent travelled to Stockholm, Sweden where he gave a presentation to the Swedish BizTalk User group on how you can monitor your BizTalk environment using System Centre Operations Manager. You can watch the video he presented here “Monitoring your BizTalk Environment using SCOM“. In October 2011, Kent Weare was part of a successful implementation of BizTalk360 at a Power Distribution company in Canada.  At this particular organization, they use both SCOM and BizTalk360 to deliver end to end monitoring of  their business.  You can read more about this implementation here “Adding BizTalk360 to your Environment“. From his profile it’s very clear Kent is one of those experts who has deep knowledge and understanding of both SCOM and BizTalk360 and have hands on experience using them in the real world scenario. Kent has spent last 6 weeks of his spare time working on this white paper comparing and contrasting the strengths and weaknesses of both the products, when to use what, a simple summary report showcasing the feature mapping etc. Below diagram is one such information from the white paper.   BizTalk Monitoring Solutions SCOM vs BizTalk360   We wanted to thank Kent Weare for taking such an effort to clarify the confusions around BizTalk server monitoring and making life easy for people who are in a position looking for a monitoring solution for your BizTalk environment. We also wanted to thank Steef-Jan Wiggers who helped Kent as a technical contributor to the document. Steef-Jan have similar experience to Kent and he has also implemented both SCOM and BizTalk360 in few of his customer consulting engagements in Netherlands.

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