BizTalk Innovation Event, Milan, Italy | May 24th

Published on : May 17, 2012

Category : Events



Overnet Education in collaboration with Microsoft Italy and User Group Italiano Connected System has organaised one of the biggest BizTalk event in Italy. All thanks goes to Nino Crudele (fellow Italian BizTalk Server MVP) for taking the effort to organise the event. It’s not a easy task by no means organising a community activity (FREE) of this magnitude bringing international speakers. Big thanks to Nino for organising this. If you are somewhere near by (Sweden, Norway, UK or any European destination), it will be a worthy while day to network with some of the great guys in BizTalk community. The agenda for the event: BizTalk Host thresholds and automatic throttling by Tord Glad Nordahl; BizTalk360 by Saravana Kumar (MVP BizTalk Server) Adapter Pack Integration Capabilities (BizTalk) by Steef-Jan Wiggers (MVP BizTalk Server) Introduction to the Azure Service Bus EAI/EDI features by Sandro Pereira (MVP BizTalk Server) BizTalk Innovation Event Wrap up by Nino Crudele (MVP BizTalk Server) Click here to ensure your registration or to get more information?s about this event.