BizTalk Innovation Day, London – Charles Young and Jon Fancey confirmed as Q&A panellists

Published on : Nov 30, 2012

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We are ramping up our preparation for BizTalk Innovation Day London . You can read more about it in the detail blog post here “BizTalk Innovation Day, London. 16th January 2013″ We wanted to make it big and exclusive for people who are involved in the Microsoft BizTalk server space. We originally planned for a capacity of 60 people, but that’s been sold out within 3 weeks. After various discussions with  Microsoft, we managed to secure a bigger auditorium at Microsoft Cardinal place office at London Victoria. Now the capacity is 100 people, which gives us another 40 additional seats. This is the maximum we can go in this venue, and we don’t have option to change the venue at this stage.  Lots of people travelling from various European countries, so far from Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Ireland, they have already made their travel arrangements. So, this is the maximum capacity we can accommodate.  If you are thinking about attending this event, please go ahead and book it straight away, we are pretty sure we will sell out quickly.

Q and A Panel

Past couple years is a real roller coaster on the technology space, there were so many things that advanced. The whole cloud stuff, service bus on Azure, service bus on premise, EDI in the cloud, BizTalk server as Iaas, symmetry between BizTalk and Cloud, integrating on-premise stuff with cloud etc, etc. Its bit difficult to keep up with the pace and I’m sure lot of you have some burning questions that needs some answer. So we wanted to have a hot discussion panel to bring in some topics and have the experts view on them. We are bringing in industry veterans in this space, and I’m delighted to announce both Charles Young and Jon Fancey accepted our request to be member of Q&A panellists.

Charles Young (@cnayoung)

Charles Young Charles Young works for Solid Soft here in UK and he closely work with Microsoft both here in UK and the product team. He is very passionate about decision systems and business rules processing. He is the vice chair of Rules Fest, an annual technical conference for developers and researchers involved in the implementation of reasoning systems. He is a Microsoft Integration MVP for many years. He is one of the author of the book “BizTalk Server 2010 Unleashed”.As his blog states Charles is “Not your average Joe”. He is a well known personality in the BizTalk space for many, many years. I’m pretty sure, if you are a BizTalk developer you must have come across his famous blog posts “How Subscription Works“. You are never going to see much more detailed explanation of the internals of BizTalk server than this How Subscription Works

Jon Fancey (@jonfancey)

Jon Fancey Jon Fancey is a co-founder of Affinus, a UK-based consultancy specializing in large-scale enterprise problems and solutions. Jon focuses on Microsoft’s server products, in particular BizTalk Server and SharePoint as well as web services and associated technologies. He has written for MSDN Magazine and Web site and talked at various Microsoft-focused conferences including TechEd. Jon is one of the long time Microsoft Integration MVP. Currently he is helping some of the large enterprise customers along with Microsoft in the Azure EDI and BizTalk Server space.
This is your opportunity to meet 7 Microsoft Integration MVP’s in one place (Charles Young, Jon Fancey, Steef-Jan Wiggers, Nino Crudele, Sandro Pereira, Saravana Kumar and Michael Stephenson). There are more exciting news to follow in the next few weeks. You probably shouldn’t miss this opportunity to attend the event. So, if you haven’t registered already, please do it ASAP