BizTalk Environment Graphical Monitoring Dashboard

Published on : Jul 25, 2012

Category : BizTalk Server



Our goal here at BizTalk360 is make it as seamless as possible to setup monitoring for your BizTalk server environments without breaking your wallet. The focus for our 4.0 release was purely on improving the monitoring capabilities. We pretty much nailed all the monitoring requirements from a BizTalk environment perspective (still more to come). Here are some of the links which explain the monitoring capabilities of BizTalk360 in detail For our next release (5.0) we are taking the monitoring capabilities to next level. One of the common request we received was the ability to visualize the overall monitoring status in a single view and also the capability to project the monitoring status in big LCD screens with auto refresh. We completed the work and here is the screen shots of what’s coming. biztalk errors list There are few things to note, the way monitoring works in BizTalk360 is you create an alarm and you can subscribe to various things you are interested to that alarm. Example : Applications, Disks, SQL Jobs, Event logs, NT services etc. The monitoring dashboard allows you to choose the alarm you wanted to visualize as shown in the above picture. The screen will automatically refresh every 30 seconds, all the errors/warnings with their count will be displayed at the bottom. The user can expand it and view the errors as shown below. biztalk warnings list The dashboard is completely scalable, we use XAML vector diagrams to plot the dashboard, so if you can afford a 80 inch monitor it will scale nicely. Here is the view from our 27 inch iMAC biztalk360 dashboard The image is interactive, you can move the boxes around, zoom in and out as shown below biztalk applications status You can go as complex as you want with your alarm configuration (as shown below), the monitoring dashboard will cater for it. It’s architected in a way it’s scalable and it will not put any additional load on the BizTalk environments. The monitoring service checks are stored in our custom database and monitoring dashboard only queries the BizTalk360 custom database. We haven’t added any additional load to the BizTalk environments to create this flashy monitoring dashboard. biztalk360 monitoring dashboard