BizTalk Application Resources View

Published on : Apr 21, 2014

Category : BizTalk360 Update

Sriram Hariharan


For a very long time we were missing the functionality to view the ‘Resources‘ associated with the BizTalk application(s). We delayed implementing this purely because of the technical challenges. BizTalk admin API’s out of the box do not provide an easy solution to retrieve the resource information. After hearing numerous customer requests for this functionality, finally in 7.2 we decided to implement it. Saravana explained in one of the previous blog posts the technical challenges associated with implementing this capability “How to access BizTalk Application Resources programmatically?” From Version 7.2 (Download) onwards, you have the ability to view the BizTalk application resources directly in the BizTalk360 UI identical to BizTalk Admin Console. We have enhanced the server side code to be able to return the resource information of the application and added a new ‘Resources’ section in the ‘Applications’ page that displays the resource information. Application Resources View

Application Resources Information

When you select an application from the list, and view the ‘Resource’ information, you will see the list of application resources. Each resource is listed with the Name, Type, Source Location, and Destination Location information. In addition, a Properties icon is located for every resource that displays the resource details. For all the resource types, you will see the resource name, resource type information, source and destination information. In addition, the Assembly resource types will display ‘Options’ and ‘Dependencies’ information. The Options will allow visualize things like when the resource will be added Global Assembly Cache (GAC).  For .NET based assemblies couple of additional options like COM registrations will be displayed. The Dependencies information will be displayed based on the selected resource dependencies (reference information). Resource Details   Note: BizTalk360 is designed more for day to day operation purpose. It’s not catered for any deployment related activities, hence the resource view is purely read-only view. You’ll not be able to add/modify resources using BizTalk360.