Any recommendation for Windows 2003-ASP .NET hosting?

Published on : Jun 30, 2008

Category : General



Hi All, In the past few months I been hit with so many technical problems running biztalk 24 * I’m currently with 1and1 for my hosting, I been with them for past few years now. Everything is well and good until you hit a problem, but once you got some you are in real trouble. In my past few months experience I never got a single issue solved by their technical team (this is just my experience). At last I decided to take the plunge and move to a different hosting company. That’s the only way I can come with next version of biztalk 24 * 7 confidently. Now I need your help on making my decision, here are my criteria’s 1. Preferably in UK, since it will help me solve the issue during UK office hours. With 1and1, even though I’m a UK customer their server department is in US and most of the time I simply need to wait until US wakes up. 2. Windows Server 2003 virtual or dedicated sever hosting. 3. Support for ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL Server I’m sure lot of you out there reading my blog will have experience in this area. Please feel free to drop your comments.