Advantages Of Bringing BizTalk360 Into Your Organisation For Business And Business Users

Published on : Mar 18, 2015

Category : BizTalk360 Update



BizTalk360 comes with over 50 features focused on streamlining your BizTalk Server operations, administration and monitoring. Some of them are technically focused and some of them are business focused. Out of the box BizTalk server comes with BizTalk Admin Console for doing everything, right from development, deployment, support, operations, configuration changes, diagnosis etc. It’s very powerful tool in some aspects and it’s very week in certain aspects, especially around user security access, governance and auditing of who did what in the environment etc. Our goal here at BizTalk360 is to provide one solid tool that will solve all the operational and monitoring pain points that arise once your BizTalk applications gets to production.  We often receive the question, what’s the value of BizTalk360 to business and business users, here are the top 4 points why you should think of BizTalk360 Advantages of bringing BizTalk360 into organisation for Business and Business users

1. Providing Access To Business Users In A Controlled Way

Currently it’s impossible to give access to the standard BizTalk admin console to any non-BizTalk person, including Business users. On a day to day basis, in lot of scenarios it’s advantageous to provide limited (read-only) access to business users with simple user interface, so that they can check certain things themselves, without depending on IT. Example: Didn’t receive invoice from SAP, a business user can be trained to just check the BizTalk application status and SAP receive location status, without risking them changing anything in the environment. The advanced user access policy mechanism in BizTalk360 is designed keeping this requirement in mind.

2.Reducing The Downtime Cost To Business By Proactive Monitoring

BizTalk360 comes with very sophisticated monitoring focusing on BizTalk environments, which takes care of proactive monitoring and alerting. Since BizTalk360 is focused purely on monitoring BizTalk environments, it has very deep coverage when compared to other general purpose monitoring solutions. It also provides huge cost saving in terms of configuration, generic monitoring solution takes weeks/months to configure, whereas BizTalk360 monitoring can be configured in hours/days. You can watch this short video to see how easy it’s to configure BizTalk Server Monitoring using BizTalk360.

3.Streamlining Your BizTalk Administration/Support Process

The standard BizTalk admin console is wide open in terms of access, without any governance/audit about who did what in the environment, this possess high risk for business as they start to grow. BizTalk360 is designed to address this problem by providing very fine grain security access and complete auditing of who did, what in the environment providing better control of their production and core BizTalk environments

4.Reduce Time To Diagnose Problems

BizTalk360 comes with some advanced tooling like throttling analyser, backup-dr visualizer, advanced event viewer, integrated knowledge base, graphical message flow viewer etc, which will all substantially reduce the amount of time required to provide solution to the operational problems. At the moment there is a huge indirect cost to the business because you support people or fiddling around with wrong tools to solve the problems. In our experience a typical support guy will use around 6-10 different tools on a day to day basis (BizTalk Admin console, SQL Management Studio, BAM portal, ESB Portal, Event Viewers, Monitoring Consoles, Performance Monitor etc), with BizTalk360, you just need one single tool for your entire operations and monitoring.