7 parts series “BizTalk360 a monitoring and support tool” by Sandro Pereira

Published on : Jan 3, 2013

Category : BizTalk360 Update



The success of the product comes to light when people get excited and starts talking about it. Especially when someone like Sandro Pereira who is considered as one of the most influential person in the BizTalk community.  We are really humbled and delighted to see Sandro spent lot of time figuring out the capabilities of BizTalk360 and writing a detailed 7 part series about BizTalk360.

Who is Sandro Pereira?

image If you are working with BizTalk server, there is a very little chance you need introduction to Sandro.  Here are some of the facts about him Note: We haven’t paid Sandro to write these articles. The whole series came as a surprise to us during the Christmas and New Year break.


In the 7 part series title “BizTalk360 a monitoring and support tool for BizTalk Server” he explains about the various capabilities and how it’s important for your day-to-day Microsoft BizTalk server operations, administration and monitoring. Part 1: Introduction and “What is BizTalk360?” In this article he sets the scene for requirement of BizTalk360 and explains in brief what BizTalk360 is. Part 2: How BizTalk360 differs from other Tools He explains about the difference between BizTalk360 and BizTalk admin console and monitoring applications like SCOM Part 3: Advanced capabilities for managing permissions BizTalk360 comes with advanced user authorization capabilities. In this article Sandro explains about the user access capabilities and managing permissions for various users using BizTalk360. Part 4: Monitoring and Alert notification capabilities It is vital to have some kind of monitoring for your BizTalk environment. This articles explains about various monitoring and alerting capabilities in BizTalk360 OS monitoring, Hardware monitoring, Applications, Web end points etc Part 5: Complexity abstraction using BizTalk360 One of the design goals of BizTalk360 is to make it possible to support your BizTalk environment without an experienced BizTalk resource. In order to achieve that BizTalk360 comes with set of tools that abstracts some of the complexities. Sandro in this article explains about Throttling  analyser, Message Box Viewer Integration, Tracking manager and Dynamic topology diagram. Part 6: Productivity Tools BizTalk360 comes with set of productivity enhancing tools for operations. In this series he explain about Integrated Knowledge base, Advanced Event Viewer and Graphical message flow viewer Part 7: Governance and Auditing In BizTalk360 everything the user does is audited, example starting a host instance, orchestration, stopping a send port etc. In this part he explains about the Governance and Auditing capabilities of BizTalk360 The articles are also available in Portuguese version here Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5