Does your organization have multiple BizTalk server environments? Do you maintain the environment topology diagrams in Visio or MS Word? How often are these diagrams updated? Have you come across situations like “Hey, that’s not my environment diagram”! It’s more complex than what’s actually documented”. How do you handle these situations? If you’ve gone through these situations, that’s where BizTalk360’s Dynamic Topology diagram comes to your rescue.

In BizTalk360, you can view the physical network topology of your BizTalk server group. The diagram is created on-the-fly – meaning, when you add a new server component, your topology diagram gets updated automatically. Therefore, the administrators no longer need to maintain those Visio or MS Word diagrams and face the problem of having outdated diagrams.

Single Server and Multi-Server Topology

Be it single or multi-server environment, your topology diagram will be automatically updated. The topology diagram also highlights the characteristics of each of your server(s) such as web server, database server, applications servers, and so on.

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