If your BizTalk environment has many design time artifacts (send ports, receive ports, orchestrations, pipelines, etc.), and if have to search for a design time artifact, how long does it take for you to navigate through the tree view list in BizTalk Administration Console? To help you find your artifacts easily, BizTalk360 has the “Search Artifacts” functionality that will help you easily find out the design time artifacts in a single click.

So what artifacts can be searched through this?

With the Search Artifacts functionality, you can easily search for the following artifacts across multiple applications in the environment:

  • • Applications
  • • Orchestrations
  • • Receive Ports
  • • Receive Locations
  • • Send Ports
  • • Send Port Groups
  • • Schemas
  • • Pipelines
  • • Transforms
Search Artifacts
Search Artifacts

Searching the artifacts

All you’ve got to do is to enter the wild card search text and you will see the list of artifacts containing the wild card search text combination.

Rich query builder

In addition to searching through wild card search text, you can filter the artifacts based on certain filter conditions. Say, if you want to filter the orchestrations of “Application1” with status as “Started”, it’s easy to set up the query builder and retrieve the results. You can follow this to search all the different artifacts in the BizTalk server group.

Search Artifacts