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On-Premise solution for your BizTalk Server

50+ tools available

BizTalk360 comes with a wide range of features to help you monitor and administer your BizTalk Server environments. These features will enhance operational security, increase productivity, provide proactive alerting for issues and facilitate auto-healing. Take a look at core set of features highlighted here.

Extensive Monitoring

Detect and be alerted about problems occurring in your BizTalk Server Environments. With BizTalk360, it is possible to monitor and receive alerts on almost anything running in BizTalk, the SQL servers and external systems such as IBM MQ, REST Endpoints and SFTP amongst others.

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Extensive Monitoring in BizTalk360
User Access Policy in BizTalk360

Security & Governance

Keep your BizTalk Environments safe. BizTalk360 provides controlled access for all your BizTalk users and audits all their activities in your BizTalk Server Environments. For example: developers can have read-only access to the production environments for troubleshooting.

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Data Monitoring

Detect non-events in your BizTalk Server Environments – for example: a purchase order not received. BizTalk360 helps you to monitor for non-events across various data points such as Message Box, Tracking, BAM, EDI, ESB, Event Log and Receive/Send Ports.

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BizTalk360 Data Monitoring
BizTalk360 Auto Healing artifacts

Automatic Recovery

Automatic Recovery with re-try mechanism is in-built in BizTalk360. For example: A SFTP Receive Port is down due to an intermittent network issue — BizTalk360 will bring it back online once it detects the situation. Therefore, there are no longer midnight calls to your support team simply to re-enable the error at the SFTP Receive Port.

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Health Checks

Daily Health Check Alerts give you the confidence that your BizTalk Server Environments are functioning properly. For example: A summary health check report can be emailed to BizTalk Administrators at 10:00 every weekday.

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BizTalk360 Health Checks
BizTalk360 supported Notification Channels

Notification Channels

Violation alerts can be received via various notification channels. BizTalk360 has already built alerts using email, SMS, Event Log, ServiceNow, Slack, Microsoft SCOM, HP Operations Manager, Microsoft Teams and Webhooks. Furthermore, you can easily create your own custom notification channel.

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One Consolidated Tooling

BizTalk360 is the only tool required for BizTalk Administration. It comes with an advanced web based management tool that covers the capabilities of BizTalk Admin Console, BAM Portal, ESB Portal, Event Viewers, BRE composer, Azure Access (Logic Apps, Integration Account) and SQL Server access.

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Single Operational Tool
BizTalk360 Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Don’t treat your BizTalk environment like a big black box! BizTalk360 will show you what is happening inside. The analytics capability provides advanced dashboards to visualize subjects such as failure rates, messaging patterns, graphical messaging flow, reports and throttling conditions.

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