Data Monitoring

Set up non-event monitoring across various data points in your BizTalk environment.
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Data Monitoring

How many times in a day does your support person have to watch for suspended instances in a particular application and take an appropriate action, or look out for ESB exceptions with a particular fault code? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to set up monitoring on a particular data filter, get notified when there is a violation, and take actions automatically depending on the actual situation? Yes, that’s exactly what BizTalk360 achieves through the concept of data monitoring.

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The overall impression I got was that the BizTalk360 team have used a lot of time figuring out your most common problems (when it comes to administration) and put it into a user-friendly program. I would definitely recommend the product
Tord Glad Nordahl
Tord Glad Nordahl Microsoft MVP, BizTalk Administrator Expert Bouvet ASA, Norway

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