“We find BizTalk360 to be an ideal tool for supporting our BizTalk solutions”

Jacqueline Post-Jonkman, Infra Specialist

About the Company

RDW has developed extensive expertise through its years of experience in executing its statutory and assigned tasks in the area of the licensing of vehicles and vehicle parts, supervision and enforcement, registration, information provision and issuing documents. Tasks that RDW carries out in close cooperation with various partners in the mobility chain. This provides RDW with a clear position in this chain, with its mission being: RDW, partner in mobility.

Key challenges  

  • No alerting capabilities
  • Manual monitoring takes lot of time
  • Application managers need admin rights on BizTalk, with BizTalk360 they can do their job without admin rights

Before BizTalk360

RDW used manual monitoring for their day-to-day activities, which was the norm. They had to manually monitor, check for any errors, and act depending on the result. This was a time-consuming process that could be easily automated with some tools. Hence RDW found BizTalk360, which is an efficient solution to automate these tasks and gain insights into what’s happening in their environment, which holds 200 BizTalk Applications, 1 Test Server, 4 Acceptance Servers, 4 Production Servers.

Features that RDW liked the most

RDW mentioned that they liked the following features as they are relevant for their day-to-day activities.

  • Monitoring – Helps to monitor the various state-based artifacts and other components such as SQL Server instances, BizTalk environment, File Locations, Queues and Server availability.
  • Manage Mapping – Mapping components that must be monitored with respective alarms to receive timely alerts.
  • Applications – Manage and Monitor BizTalk Applications and other artifacts.

RDW experienced an efficient and seamless experience specially when it comes to monitoring and managing applications. BizTalk360 offers a range of best-in-class features that make it a top choice for businesses looking to streamline their operations.

One of the standout features of BizTalk360 is its comprehensive monitoring capabilities. With this tool, RDW monitored all aspects of BizTalk environment, including applications, hosts, orchestrations, and more.

Manage mapping applications easily manage applications, hence RDW can view and edit maps directly within the platform, making it simple to make changes or updates as needed. This saves time and eliminates the need for manual intervention of complex processes.

Furthermore, BizTalk360 provides advanced analytics and reporting functionalities which help them to generate detailed reports on various aspects of their integration solutions, helping to identify trends, track performance metrics, and make informed decisions for optimization.

Results / Impact with BizTalk360

RDW discovered the best tool ever for managing their applications. It has revolutionized the way their app managers operate by allowing them to take control of their own applications without relying heavily on their technical team. With BizTalk360, RDW has been able to achieve its business goals more efficiently. The intuitive interface and comprehensive features have made it easier for the team to monitor and manage their applications, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing downtime.

Incredible support from the team

The pre-sales team gave RDW all the information they needed to make an informed decision about their purchase and further with the installation and configuration of the product. Following that, the post-sales team assists with day-to-day activities such as troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrades, etc.

… BizTalk360 reduces manual monitoring and helps in achieving our business goals.

Organisation: RDW

Industry: Dutch Vehicle Authority


  • Monitoring
  • Handle suspended instances
  • Application Administration and Monitoring
  • Mapping of Applications and other components for receiving alerts
  • Scheduled PDF Reports for handling suspended instances

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