“BizTalk360 helps us to achieve our business goals by providing timely error resolution and to minimize outages”

About the Company

Nalco Water, a global leader in water and process management solutions, is an Ecolab company, that works with customers to help them meet their specific sustainability and business goals. They serve a wide range of industries from:

  • Food production
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Paper mills
  • Power generation
  • Manufacturing plants

They span more than 40 industries across more than 170 countries.

Key challenges  

Nalco Water encountered the following challenges/difficulties:

  • Unable to ensure that applications are running
  • Bulk resume/terminate error messages
  • No alerts received to rectify any application outages

Before BizTalk360

Before the advent of BizTalk360, ensuring smooth production support for applications was a complex task. Nalco Water had to constantly monitor whether applications and hosts were running without any errors. This required manual efforts and often resulted in delays and inefficiencies. To highlight the background of the environment, Nalco Water had 5 production servers, out of which 3 in Staging and 2 in QA. The team had around 10 running BizTalk applications.

After BizTalk360

However, with the introduction of BizTalk360, the landscape of production support has been transformed. This innovative tool provides a comprehensive solution that brings all the necessary components together for effective monitoring and management of BizTalk environments. From that moment on, Nalco Water no longer had to rely solely on manual checks. With BizTalk360, the team easily tracks the status of their applications and hosts in real-time, ensuring that everything is running smoothly without any errors. The convenience and ease of use offered by BizTalk360 have significantly enhanced productivity and reduced downtime for businesses. It has become an indispensable tool for teams who require seamless production support while keeping their applications up and running flawlessly. The easy and user-friendly support provided by BizTalk360 left the Nalco Water team awestruck.

The feature that Nalco Water likes the most

One of the favourite features of BizTalk360 is its ability to resume or terminate specific error messages. This feature allows the team to quickly identify and address any errors that may occur during the integration process. This feature in BizTalk360 helps streamline troubleshooting and debugging, saving valuable time for businesses. It provides detailed information about the errors encountered, which allows the team to take immediate action and resolve issues efficiently. By providing clear and concise error messages, BizTalk360 empowers users to effectively manage their integration processes. This favorite feature ensures smooth operations and enhances overall productivity, making it an invaluable tool for businesses relying on BizTalk Server.

Customer obsession

This is one of the key aspects of any successful business. Kovai.co, the company behind the BizTalk360 product, goes beyond helping what end users need, and hence Nalco Water recommends the product to customers; it encompasses the overall quality and value-added throughout the entire customer journey. From pre-sale to post-sale, the BizTalk360 team strives to provide exceptional support and assistance. This includes assisting customers with product installation, guiding them through the purchase process, and ensuring that the team has seamless experience with product usage.

… BizTalk360 makes teamwork much easier and simpler with a rich UI interface.

Organisation: Nalco Water

Industry: Water treatment company


  • Resume/Terminate messages
  • Notification and Alerts
  • Monitoring
  • Administration

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