“Configuring ESB and alerts helps in quickly receiving alerts and notifications”

Aho Eero, Lindström Group

About the Company

Lindström Group is a textile rental service company in Europe and Asia. Lindström operates in 24 countries and has over 4,000 employees. The company headquarters are in Helsinki, Finland established in 1848.

Key Challenges

  • Lot of integration errors in production
  • Error investigation was quite complex
  • Ticket creation from errors was mainly manual

Before BizTalk360

Lindstrom OY used internal tools of BizTalk Server and customized ESB console applications for their day-to-day activities. They had to manually monitor, check for any errors, and act depending on the result. This was a time-consuming process that could be easily automated with some tools. Hence Lindstrom OY found BizTalk360, an efficient solution to automate these tasks and gain insights into what’s happening in their environment, which holds 1 BizTalk Server production environment with an application server and a database server.

Top reasons to select BizTalk360

Lindstrom OY opted for BizTalk360 to quickly identify, diagnose, and resolve issues in their environment before they become a significant problem and notify with several notification channels.

Results / Impact with BizTalk360

Lindstrom OY mentioned that BizTalk360 is a beneficial product that helps them to achieve business goals where their integration errors have been improved efficiently.

The tremendous support from the team

The pre-sales team thoroughly equipped Lindstrom OY with all the essential information required to make a well-informed decision regarding their purchase, ensuring a seamless transition into installation and configuration. Subsequently, the post-sales team stands ready to support Lindstrom OY with daily operations, including troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrades, and more.

Enhancing the customer experience, additional value-added services include:

  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Dedicated customer service
  • On-demand technical support, available whenever needed.

… BizTalk360 reduces manual monitoring and helps in achieving business goals.

Organisation: Lindstrom OY

Industry: Textile service company


  • Administration
  • Monitoring
  • Autocorrect
  • ESB portal and alerts

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