“BizTalk360 has freed up our time, and just by a glance, we have an overview of our system”

Olsen Odd Arne, Senior IT – Consultant

About the Company

Helse Nord IKT is a health trust which operates and develops IKT solutions for all health trusts in northern Norway they also cover the counties of Finnmark, Nordland and Troms. The authority owns five health trusts that operate the hospitals as well as Northern Norway Pharmaceutical Trust that operates nineteen pharmacies. They have an interdisciplinary and highly competent IKT environment, with over 300 employees, affiliated with 11 hospitals in the region.

Key challenges  

Helse Nord IKT faced a couple of challenges:

  • Lack of monitoring system
  • No overview of the BizTalk Server environment
  • No alerts received when something goes wrong

Experience before using BizTalk360

Helse Nord IKT, with a newly implemented BizTalk system, initially lacked a dedicated monitoring solution for their BizTalk environments. The absence of a specialized monitoring system raised concerns during the setup, prompting them to seek a more tailored solution as they operate 2 production environments and 1 test environment, supporting approximately 45 applications.

In the initial stages, the team relied on existing systems that were not specifically designed for BizTalk monitoring. With respect to the frustrations the team faced, there were no major frustrations, but the need for a dedicated monitoring system became apparent during the environment setup.

Experience using BizTalk360

Helse Nord IKT’s experience with BizTalk360 can be summarized across several key dimensions. In terms of getting started, despite an acknowledged learning curve, the customer found the process relatively smooth, attributing it to their basic BizTalk knowledge and the availability of comprehensive documentation. The setup was successfully completed within a month. When it came to overcoming challenges, BizTalk360 emerged as a valuable tool, simplifying control over configuration changes and effectively managing a substantial volume of errors.

One notable factor that set BizTalk360 apart from alternative solutions was its ability to provide the right combination of features to meet the customer’s specific needs at the time of selection. In terms of functionality, the Operations and Monitoring features, with a special mention of the Knowledge Base, file location alarm, and Message Box queries, stood out as favourites among the team. These features were not only frequently utilized but also contributed significantly to the platform’s positive reception.

Overall, Helse Nord IKT’s experience with BizTalk360 was positive, characterized by the platform’s efficiency in providing a time-saving solution. BizTalk360 offered a quick and comprehensive overview of the system, further enhancing satisfaction with the chosen solution.

Results with BizTalk360

Helse Nord IKT highlighted the following as the result of onboarding BizTalk360.

  • Achieving Goals: BizTalk360 helped identify and address issues before the team escalated, contributing to a proactive problem-solving approach.
  • Impact Metrics: Response time on production problems significantly improved, reducing potential downtime from hours to minutes during office hours.
  • Recommendation: The swift responsiveness of BizTalk360’s support team and easy access to support were highlighted as the primary reasons for the recommendation.


BizTalk360 proved instrumental in addressing the customer’s monitoring needs, providing a comprehensive solution that streamlined operations, enhanced system visibility, and significantly improved response times. The positive experiences, ease of use, and effective support garnered a strong recommendation from the customer.

… Response time on problems in production has gone from potentially hours to minutes during office hours.

Organisation: Helse Nord IKT

Industry: Health Care


  • Administration
  • Monitoring
  • Analytics

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