“BizTalk360 has created an impact on our metrics beyond 60% of incidents ”

About Exolgan

Exolgan is the largest Container Terminal in the Argentine Republic, located in Dock Sud. The service provided by EXOLGAN is strongly differentiated in the market based on its technological advance, the efficiency of its processes, operational productivity, and the quality and quantity of its equipment.

Our location is strategic, outside the Federal Capital, because it has different rapid access roads that speed up truck traffic and reduce the high urban congestion typical of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Key challenges 

  • No alerts were received with Applications and their receive locations
  • Lack of control over the activities in the BizTalk Server environment
  • Persistent issues with application errors

Before BizTalk360

Before BizTalk360, managing a server with 20 applications was a daunting task for the team. They encountered issues with the applications, resulting in inefficiencies and downtime. They required a tool capable of continuously monitoring their applications and offering proactive solutions.

With the challenges of handling multiple applications on a single server, the team required a tool that efficiently monitor all applications round the clock, ensuring seamless operation and timely issue resolution. The necessity for a permanent monitoring solution became critical to maintaining the stability and performance of our applications effectively.

Top reasons to choose BizTalk360

BizTalk360 stands out as a reliable solution for Exolgan due to its ability to streamline their operations and enhance efficiency. It has become an indispensable tool, providing comprehensive solutions to address errors and challenges that were previously time-consuming to rectify. One of the main reasons why BizTalk360 is favoured for them is its ability to efficiently handle errors, ensuring a smooth and error-free operational environment. We are very much happy with its intuitive interface, which sets it apart from other tools, making it user-friendly and easy to navigate.

In conclusion, choosing BizTalk360 can significantly benefit businesses of all sizes by simplifying complex processes and improving overall productivity.

Results with BizTalk360

BizTalk360 has proven to be a game-changer for our business operations. By automating the monitoring of BizTalk, we have freed up valuable time that was previously spent on manual monitoring tasks. This newfound efficiency allows us to focus on other critical projects and initiatives, ultimately boosting productivity and driving innovation within the organization. The impact of BizTalk360 on our metrics has been remarkable, with a reduction of over 60% in incidents related to BizTalk operations. This significant improvement not only enhances our operational efficiency but also contributes to a more seamless and reliable business process overall. The tangible results speak volumes about the value that BizTalk360 brings to our organization and its pivotal role in driving success.

Customer experience

In today’s fast-paced, time-sensitive society, customers seek ease and efficiency in their daily activities. Support assistance plays a crucial role in ensuring a good customer experience. Whether it is a pre-sale inquiries or post-purchase issues, dependable and timely assistance is essential. Furthermore, the installation procedure is another crucial component. A simple and uncomplicated installation process saves time and allows team members to start using the product or service without any hassle.

… The impact of BizTalk360 on our metrics has been remarkable, with a reduction of over 60% in incidents related to BizTalk operations.

Organisation: Exolgan

Industry: Truck Transportation


  • Notification and Alerts
  • Applications
  • Monitoring  
  • Administration  

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