“BizTalk360 is a smart and comprehensive interface with rich filters to make the day-to-day operations easier”

About the company

BNP Paribas Global Markets offers consistent client service and innovative solutions for investment, hedging, and financing opportunities. Their integrated platform ensures clients have everything they need in one place, across asset classes and the world. While their business has evolved around client needs, they have stayed true to their roots, offering stability in a changing environment.

Key challenges 

  • No way to understand how messages pass-through
  • Flat file structure was quite complicated
  • Lacked user-friendly tool

Before BizTalk360

Exane managed a complex environment with 2 active-passive BizTalk Servers, geo-clustered SQL Servers, and 9 applications,which was a time-consuming task. The team had to manually write scripts for monitoring BizTalk operations, which not only consumed significant time but also required continuous maintenance to ensure accuracy and reliability. This resulted in downtime, impacting business operations and satisfaction. The team realized the need for a more efficient and automated solution to streamline monitoring processes and improve overall system performance.

After BizTalk360

Exane successfully achieved their goals by ensuring the seamless monitoring and alerting of critical events in their BizTalk environments. This has proven to be invaluable for them to optimize their operations and ensure the smooth functioning of their BizTalk systems. Exane recommended BizTalk360 for BizTalk Server users to streamline their monitoring and maintenance processes, leading to increased efficiency and reduced downtime. The comprehensive features offered by BizTalk360 enable Exane to proactively identify issues, automate routine tasks, and gain valuable insights into the performance of their BizTalk environments.

Favourite feature in BizTalk360

Implementing BizTalk360 transformed the way the team managed their environment. With its comprehensive monitoring capabilities and user-friendly interface, they were able to gain real-time visibility into their BizTalk infrastructure. By leveraging BizTalk360’s features, such as MSMQ, IBMMQ, and Throttling Analyser, the team significantly reduced manual intervention in routine monitoring tasks. This not only saved time but also improved operational efficiency by allowing team members to focus on strategic initiatives rather than repetitive operational tasks.

Customer experience

Exane highlighted the following as good experiences in their journey of onboarding:

  • Quality of the product
  • Value added to their day-to-day activities
  • Pre-sale and Purchase experience
  • Installation or first use experience
  • Product usage experience
  • Support assistance

… BizTalk360 is tailor-made completely for BizTalk which makes our work much simpler.

Organisation: Exane BNP Paribas

Industry: Investment Banking


  • Throttling Analyzer
  • Notification and Alerts 
  • Monitoring  
  • Administration  

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