The features in BizTalk360 are fantastic and save us from all that manual intervention!

Key Challenges

  • The problem we faced was mainly due to the constant disabling artifacts. This, in turn, has led to the more widespread event of disabling artifacts and hosts, hence manual intervention was required to turn them on again.
  • We all knew that mail alerts are necessary when there is an issue to keep the business running.

About Charles River Laboratories

Charles River is an American pharmaceutical company for more than 75 years. They specialize in various preclinical and clinical laboratories, gene therapy, and cell therapy services for the Pharmaceutical, Medical device, and Biotechnology industries.

Before BizTalk360

To mention about the experience before BizTalk360, we didn’t use any external or third-party tools, instead, we used Microsoft BizTalk Health Monitor to analyze the health of our BizTalk Server Environment.

To be specific on the complexity of our environment, we had 32 applications running on our environment.

Top reasons to select BizTalk360

There are 2 reasons why we selected BizTalk360 for our day-to-day activities:

  • Auto Correct

    This feature is what makes our lives easy by auto-correcting the state-based artifacts, BizTalk Server Host and Host instances. It’s an amazing feature which saves us from all that manual intervention.

  • Mail alert

    Whenever there is an issue in the BizTalk environment, we were looking for some sort of alert via mail saying, “Hey take a look into your Host Instances”. BizTalk360 comes as a life saviour.

After BizTalk360 

We must admit that BizTalk360 is a very useful tool for us:

  • Less need to do things manually, and by using BizTalk360 we can get alerts and based on that we can work and troubleshoot.
  • Very useful for Monitoring state-based artifacts, Hosts, Disks, CPU and Memory, SQL jobs and Logic apps as well.

Results / Impact with BizTalk360  

BizTalk360 has benefited in business as well as personal goals. We have been using the product with respect to BizTalk Server Artifacts, Hosts, Disks, CPU and Memory, SQL Server, etc. and we recommend BizTalk360 to all BizTalk Server users out there.

Continuous support from the BizTalk360 team 

The following items are extensively good in BizTalk360, and I wanted to share my experience right from requirement gathering to date:

  • Quality of the product
  • Value added to our day-to-day activities
  • Pre-sale experience
  • Purchase experience
  • Installation or first use experience
  • Product usage experience
  • Support assistance

… BizTalk360 comes as a life savior because of its excellent alerting functionality.

Organisation: Charles River Laboratories

Industry: Biotechnology Research


  • Monitoring
  • Administration
  • Analytics

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