“BizTalk360 is a smart and comprehensive interface with rich filters to make day-to-day operations easier”

About the Company

BYG-e’s mission is to create optimal trading conditions for construction centres and suppliers. This is done through good service, fair prices, and a professional approach to the issues the building centres and suppliers in the industry face.

Key challenges  

  • No way to understand how messages pass through BizTalk
  • Flat file structure was quite complicated
  • No user-friendly tool for daily operations

Favourite feature in BizTalk360

There are couple of features which is interesting, and team cherry-picked few of them:

MessageBox Queries

One of the favourite features in BizTalk360 is the ability to query for messages. This feature allows to easily retrieve information from the MessageBox database, making it easier to monitor and manage their BizTalk environment. With MessageBox Queries, the team perform actions such as resuming/suspending or terminating messages directly from the interface. This gives them greater control over message processing and allows for quick resolution of any issues that may arise.

Another advantage of using MessageBox, and easily view which messages are in progress, suspended, or terminated, enabling them to monitor effectively and take necessary actions as needed. Overall, MessageBox Queries in BizTalk360 provide a powerful tool for managing and monitoring your BizTalk environment. Hereby, attaching a screenshot of how this feature looks.

Tracking Queries

Another favourite feature of BizTalk360 is its ability to track queries with a graphical flow in a single user interface. This feature allows users to easily monitor and analyse the movement of messages within their BizTalk environment. With this functionality, the team visualizes the flow of messages, enabling them to quickly identify any bottlenecks or issues in their integration processes. The graphical representation provides a clear and intuitive view of how messages are being processed, making it easier to troubleshoot and optimize performance.

What sets BizTalk360 apart is its ability to consolidate both content and context in a single UI. Now the team can not only see the message flow, but also access detailed information about each message, including its content, properties, and associated context. This comprehensive view ensures that users have all the necessary information at their fingertips to effectively diagnose and resolve any issues. Hereby attaching a screenshot of the feature workflow.


Customer experience

In today’s fast-paced world, where time is of essence, customers value added convenience and efficiency in their day-to-day activities. One key element that contributes to a positive customer experience is support assistance. Whether it’s pre-sales inquiries or post-purchase troubleshooting, having reliable and prompt support can make all the difference.

Another important aspect is the installation process. A smooth and hassle-free installation experience not only saves time but also ensures that the team can start using the product or service without any difficulties. Lastly, the purchase experience itself plays a significant role in shaping customer satisfaction.

… Using BizTalk360’s vast solutions, business objectives have been effectively achieved.

Organisation: BYG-e A/S

Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting


  • Administration
  • Monitoring
  • Resume/Terminate messages
  • Notification and Alerts

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