Installation was a breeze! It was just Next… Next… Next… and the product was ready to use!

Steve Melan,IT Architect


Key Challenges

  • Writing custom tools/solutions to manage and monitor BizTalk environments
  • No overall view of the BizTalk environments

About Banque & Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat

Banque & Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat, Luxembourg (BCEE) is a bank established and owned by the Luxembourg State. Founded in 1856 as a savings bank, it is, today, both THE Luxembourg bank par excellence and also a full service bank, recognized throughout the world for its results and dependability. It has been rated as one of the best banks in Luxembourg by international rating agencies Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s, respectively.

Executive Summary

BCEE, one of the world’s top 10 safest banks and the largest retail bank in Luxembourg, was losing time managing its BizTalk server environments and often ended up writing its own solutions. The BizTalk servers were mainly used for financial message transfers and this demanded constant monitoring of the BizTalk server environments. The administration team also wanted to provide enhanced security to users accessing specific applications in the environment. They chose BizTalk360 because the tool has inbuilt security and monitoring features that could save them considerable time and reduce costs for operations and monitoring in their BizTalk server environments.

Why BizTalk360?

In the early days of the project, the BizTalk team at BCEE used its own tools to manage and monitor its BizTalk environments. The main reason for this was because the administration console that is supplied with the BizTalk server was not ideal for management and could not provide an overall view of the BizTalk system. The team at BCEE wrote its own monitoring solution that was used to monitor its BizTalk server environments. This was a time-consuming task for the team at BCEE (writing customized solutions for specific operations). BCEE has 4 QA environments with 2 BizTalk servers and 1 Production environment with 2 BizTalk servers and roughly 50 applications.

One of the world’s top 10 safest banks chooses BizTalk360 for enhanced security, to save them time and to reduce costs on BizTalk server operations and monitoring

-Steve Melan, IT Architect

The IT Architect at BCEE met Saravana Kumar (Founder, BizTalk360) at one of the MVP Community events, where he discovered BizTalk360. After analyzing the various problems that he had encountered, he decided that BizTalk360 would be the perfect solution to solve the problems involved in managing the BizTalk environments.

How has BizTalk360 helped to overcome the challenges?

BizTalk360 gives a complete overview of all aspects within the BizTalk infrastructure. With the BizTalk Administration Console, although it provides all of the information, accessing the actual information required from the system is a drawn-out process. At BCEE, most of the messages that go through the BizTalk infrastructure are SWIFT or SEPA messages (standard communication used by banks). Therefore it is mandatory for the team to check whether all of the messages are successfully transferred. This is much easier with BizTalk360, as the user can set up monitoring and alerts for a particular receive location and/or send port to verify whether the messages have been delivered successfully. BizTalk360 helps BCEE to achieve this daily routine task.

Features Interested

The team at BCEE uses the Dashboard and Applications section on a day-to-day basis. The Dashboard gives them a complete overview of everything that is happening in the environment. For example, if there are suspended messages you can check the status of suspended service instances directly in the Dashboard. This saves a lot of time as users do not have to manually check for them anymore. Since there are multiple QA environments at BCEE, the Alarm Export/Import functionality is extremely useful as the team had previously been performing this task manually.

Summary of Experience

Steve Melan, IT Architect (Project Manager) at BCEE, recounts his experience of using BizTalk360:

We have been using BizTalk360 from the Silverlight version. The functionality to restrict users from being able to access specific applications works great in our case, and overall, the security and governance mechanism is very useful. When the BizTalk server is overloaded, the enable/disable functionality of host instance is indispensable for reducing the server load. The overall monitoring feature works brilliantly

I used to have my own tools for managing and monitoring our BizTalk infrastructure when the project started at BCEE. Once I knew about BizTalk360, I decided that this was the tool that would enable me to reduce the time spent writing customized solutions for BCEE’s BizTalk infrastructure.

-Steve Melan, IT Architect

Installation was a breeze! It was just Next… Next… Next… and the product was ready to use!

Organisation: BCEE, Luxembourg

Industry: Bank


  • Dashboard
  • Application Support
  • Alarm Export/Import functionality
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How would you rate the overall quality of BizTalk360 and what is the added value that BizTalk360 brings to your daily activities?

The product meets our day-to-day business needs. BizTalk360 has really saved us time as it provides solutions for all of our needs. We no longer need to develop our own solutions for managing our BizTalk environments.

How was your pre-sale, purchase, and installation/upgrade experience?

Everything happened in less than half a week. I met Saravana at the MVP meeting, discussed my problems and ordered the product! The detailed demonstration gave me the confidence to go ahead with this product.

The purchase experience was excellent. I received the product keys and we were operational in no time. The whole process was seamless. The installation procedure also went very smoothly.

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