biztalk360 team


Senior Design Engineer

Praba, as we call him, is responsible for all the design related activities in BizTalk360. He is the one-stop solution for all design issues we have. Comes with an extensive experience in UI/UX design, Photoshop, CSS, Front-end development, jQuery and PHP. Praba has this special talent of giving life to textual content in the form of design. He calls himself as a “Design-geneer” and we don’t know why. 🙂 He ensures that our rustic, hard-coded product is plated, garnished and beautifully presented to our end customers.

Outside office, you can see him touring the city with fellow mates. An ardent Rajinikanth fan. Loves to sip a drink whenever he gets a chance. A lovable husband, he loves to spend time with his wife. Praba has been working at our India office since the very beginning, when we opened our doors in December 2013.