biztalk360 team


Test Lead

Mekala is the person who is responsible for keeping our products clean. She’s our Testing lead and handles the entire QA team. She has a great attention to detail and a strong work ethic. Mekala comes with diverse experience in all different testing phases of software testing life cycle. She is well known for her thoroughness in creating test cases, as well as her skill of coordinating her team to ensure the quality of the product end to end. She plays a pivotal role in making our product get delivered to every customer in a delicious way.

Outside office, her hands are busy making jewelry, sewing, embroidery, fish keeping, arts, nail art… the list goes on. And keeps herself updated with what’s happening around the world. She has a caring outlook on the world and her compassion for others can be felt through the care she puts into her work. Combined with her exceptional work ethic and unique crafting skills, Mekala is a true asset to our team.