biztalk360 team


Finance / Operations

Bhavana is our Finance and Operations manager dedicated to all of the things that make BizTalk360 a wonderful place to work and have fun. She is responsible for all the operations, marketing and event management activities. Bhavana comes with solid 11 years of expertise in this field and ensures that our customers and team are well taken care of. Be it issuing customer license keys, payroll, benefits, taxes, accounting, dealing with the banks — she does it all! She plays a pivotal role in providing management oversights for planning, marketing, and has played the key role in organizing dozens of events in the past several years. Yet again, without her we couldn’t have done it.

When idle, she could be seen flashing her patented smile and sharing her motherly wisdom with her colleagues that she gained during the upbringing of her darling daughter, who is growing up really fast according to her. Routine cooking can be boring, so she makes sure to spend time-out with her daughter looking for different dishes and try them out. Bhavana loves to read fiction books, and usually cries while watching serious movies; so prefers to watch comedy ones. Well, if Clint Eastwood can cry in Million Dollar Baby, we can shed a couple of tears too!! Nothing wrong in it.