BizTalk360 Database - An in-depth insight

Jul 2

BizTalk360 Database – An In-Depth Insight

BizTalk360 is the one-stop monitoring product for your BizTalk environment. Installing and upgrading BizTalk360 is a seamless process when all the permissions and configurations are in place. Each software product has a frontend and a backend. Most often people focus on the frontend more to give a rich user experience. On the other hand, the … Continue reading BizTalk360 Database – An In-Depth Insight

By Praveena

Oct 15

Database Size Monitoring

In any BizTalk environment, it is important to keep track of database growth and execute the data purging policies whenever necessary. When the database size grows, the SQL server needs more memory and CPU to read data from the tables, which slows down the database operation. Besides that, there is also the risk that, due … Continue reading Database Size Monitoring

By raja

Apr 16

Backup your BizTalk360 database via the BizTalk Backup job

One of the components of BizTalk360 is a SQL Server database. This database is used for all kind of configuration like user permissions and all the monitoring settings. When that data got corrupted or lost, you would have to do all the configuration all over from scratch. To prevent this from happening, you should frequently … Continue reading Backup your BizTalk360 database via the BizTalk Backup job

By Lex

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