Feb 12

Monitoring BizTalk Server with HP OpenView

Every BizTalk solution should have some kind of monitoring in place. I remember the phrase having a BizTalk environment without monitoring in place is like driving a car without a dashboard. The best option will be to use SCOM (Microsoft System Centre operation manager) to monitor BizTalk server, since you will get out of the … Continue reading Monitoring BizTalk Server with HP OpenView

By Saravana

Oct 8

BAM – Production environment management

Scenario: In this article we are not going to discuss about how to utilize BAM for your BizTalk applications. I’ve made the assumption; you created few BAM activities and utilized them inside your BizTalk applications and the system is now running on your productions servers. In my experience, majority of the clients don’t take advantage … Continue reading BAM – Production environment management

By Saravana

Apr 13

Biztalk Health Monitoring Tool

The BizTalk Server 2004 Health Monitor tool is a Microsoft Windows® service that is designed to monitor application hosts for active messages based on conditions that are set in the configuration file. The user can specify how long (in hours) messages can be active and how many messages can be active before the tool reports … Continue reading Biztalk Health Monitoring Tool

By Saravana

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