BizTalk360 Logic Apps Operations

Introducing Logic Apps Operations capability in BizTalk360

Published on : Feb 10, 2017

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Azure Logic Apps play a vital role in an integration platform. Keeping this in mind, we introduced ‘Azure Logic Apps Monitoring’ in BizTalk360 Version 8.1. In Version 8.3, we implemented ‘Azure Logic Apps Operations’ capability to improve the ease of use for users using Logic Apps and BizTalk360. With this functionality, users can Operate, Manage and Monitor Azure Logic App(s) from a single place. When you see a threshold violation of Logic Apps, you can rectify the problem from the BizTalk360 UI itself. You can save time to log in to the Azure Portal and manage your Logic Apps.

All the user needs to do to configure Logic Apps Operations capability is to add the Azure subscription in BizTalk360 UI and enable it for monitoring and operation. BizTalk360 also provides an option to work on multiple subscriptions simultaneously. Therefore, by adding the subscription in BizTalk360, users can view the list of available Logic Apps in that subscription along with its name, Access End Point, the current Status (Enabled or Disabled), Last Run, and other details such as Resource Group, Location, Run and Trigger history details and Success/Failure Run count.

Features of Logic Apps Operations

Enable/Disable Logic Apps: From BizTalk360 UI, users can enable/disable the Logic Apps that reflects the corresponding Logic App in the Azure Subscription. You can initiate bulk operations — enable/disable multiple Logic Apps in a single click.

Run Trigger: User can also trigger the Logic App action from the BizTalk360 UI. This action also supports the bulk operations.

Delete Logic Apps: User can delete single or multiple Logic Apps through a single click from BizTalk360 UI.

Note: The Azure Portal UI allows to operate (Enable/Disable, Delete, Run Trigger) on only one Logic App at a time, whereas from BizTalk360 UI user can initiate bulk operation (select multiple logic apps) in a single click.

BizTalk360 Logic Apps Operations

Run and Trigger History details

Data like History and Runs are huge when it comes to real time scenarios/production use. For each Logic App, Run and Trigger history will maintain the last 30 records. The history details will be displayed in both list and graphical View.

List View

  • Start and End time of Run/Trigger. Here the time format and time zone is based on user profile configuration.
  • Run/Trigger status such as succeeded/failed, running/skipped/aborted
  • Duration of each Run and Trigger

Logic App Details - BizTalk360 Logic Apps Operations

Graphical View

We have simplified the UI view of your Logic Apps details and redefined Runs and Trigger history into Graphical representations. With the graphical view, it becomes easy for the users to navigate and identify the date and time tracking.

The graphical view chart shows Logic Apps Runs in the “Y” axis and Date in the “X” axis. All basic graph operations such as zoom, hover are available in the graphical view. Additionally, you can print/download the chart.

Logic Apps Graphical View - BizTalk360 Logic Apps Operations

Success and Failure Run count

Based on colour coding, you can know the Success and Failure Run counts instantly within the detail window of your Logic App.

Trigger and Action Status

Users can see the actual design of the Logic App in the Details View, say when it should be trigger and which actions are to be performed.

E.g : Trigger  ‘When_a File_Is_created ’ ; Action – Email_File   .


If you are an existing user of BizTalk360, and using the Platinum tier license, you just need to upgrade to BizTalk360 Version 8.3 to use this feature. For customers using other licensing tier, if you would like to use/try this feature, please send an email to to customize your license.

If you are new to BizTalk360 and like to explore the Logic Apps Operations capability, you can get started with the 14 day free trial of BizTalk360.