Integrate 2020 Remote Session Spoiler – Messaging Patterns with Azure AIS

Published on : May 18, 2020

Category : Events

Mohan Nagaraj


Messaging and eventing activities are at the core of most integration solutions. Although conceptually those two architectures differ on how they deal with the information they need to deliver to end systems, they share a number of patterns – and mastering those patterns, knowing when to apply them and having easy “recipes” for implementation can accelerate lots of integration projects.

Azure Integration Services (AIS) provides all the components required to create robust integration solutions, including not only messaging and eventing components – Azure Service Bus and Event Grid Topics – but also components to support orchestration and API mediation – Azure Logic Apps and API Management. Usually, clients understand the components, but sometimes struggle to translate the knowledge from years of using an integrated service, like BizTalk Server, into more streamlined components.

In this talk, I will be selecting 3 of the most widely used messaging and show how to implement those patterns using AIS components. And, since some of those patterns can also be implementing on an event-based solution, how can you implement the same pattern using those components.

I am looking forward to sharing this session with you and have some good conversation of how you solve those problems in your organization.

So, come and join me on Integrate 2020 Remote in June!

Why I should attend INTEGRATE 2020 Remote?

With INTEGRATE 2020 Remote, we are consolidating all Microsoft Integration focused content in a single place covering on-premise (BizTalk Server), cloud (Azure Logic Apps, Functions, API Management, Service Bus, Event Grid, Event Hub, Power Platform), and Hybrid in an intense 3 days conference, with its own keynote.

If you are a Microsoft Integration professional, even if you attend part of the conference here and there, you’ll still see significant value educating and preparing yourself for the future. Please go ahead and register now.