Integrate 2020 Remote Session Spoiler – AI/ML, Integration and Monitoring

Published on : May 14, 2020

Category : Events

Mohan Nagaraj


Data is the new gold! A phrase you might have heard in some discussion or presentation you have attended. Our economies are indeed more data-driven, and decisions are made on data. Data that in many cases, originate from observations, i.e. monitoring. For instance, tollgates monitor passing cars, websites can monitor traffic, and the camera’s in machines monitor assembly of products.

In the talk, I like to explain what Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Integration, and Monitoring is from an Azure perspective.

Furthermore, AI/ML is trending, and integration and monitoring are standard for integrators what will it mean for them once they onboard on a project with an AI/ML component – I like to provide my vision on that!

Lastly, I will share my experience with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Integration, and Monitoring by going through some real-world use-cases. While I am not a data-scientist as an integrator I have a role and responsibility in ML/AI related projects that require data from different places.

The general message from the talk: There is a relation between the monitoring, ingestion of data, and use for machine learning or artificial intelligence purposes.

Why I should attend INTEGRATE 2020 Remote?

With INTEGRATE 2020 Remote, we are consolidating all Microsoft Integration focused content in a single place covering on-premise (BizTalk Server), cloud (Azure Logic Apps, Functions, API Management, Service Bus, Event Grid, Event Hub, Power Platform), and Hybrid in an intense 3 days conference, with its own keynote.

If you are a Microsoft Integration professional, even if you attend part of the conference here and there, you’ll still see significant value educating and preparing yourself for the future. Please go ahead and register now.