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BizTalk360’s New Approach To Client Relationship

Published on : Mar 3, 2017

Category : BizTalk360 Update



Client Relationship is an approach to managing a company’s interaction with current and potential future customers, which tries to analyse data about customers’ history with a company and to improve business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on customer retention.

Building customer relationships is one of the main customer retention strategies you can use to improve customer service and reduce customer churn.

We at BizTalk360 want to learn more about our existing customers, we want to make them feel appreciated. Hence this new initiative – ‘Client Relationship Management’ to look after our customers. biztalk360 support process The main idea is to build a rapport with the customer and understand their needs. We aim to stay close to our customers after they have purchased our product, ensuring they use BizTalk360 to its full capacity and helping them overcome any obstacles that may arise. By maintaining this relationship and close collaboration, we can make BizTalk360 better together. One of the best comments we received from a customer via support feedback was,
“I am glad that the BizTalk360 support team keep up the pace and put their best efforts to help customers out to resolve their issues. We are not left alone like other integration tool vendors in the market.”
The Client Relationship process has just begun but already we are getting lots of helpful information such as – common customer issues, how the product is being put to use at the customer end, feedback on the existing features and request for new features. We can now direct our efforts at resolving those issues and also maximizing the satisfaction of our customers by giving them what they need. (e.g. one customer required MSMQ monitoring but didn’t know it was available on BizTalk360 until we pointed it out; result – one happy client). We always try to make communication as seamless as possible, acknowledging, acting on and following up on the feedback where necessary (by discussing with the Technical Team the feasibility of customer requests and issues and providing alternative solutions). Today’s customers are no longer passive and they want to be listened to. The key to maintaining a good relationship with our customers is to stay in regular contact. We look after our customers so they stay with us for a long period of time. We have touch points throughout the subscription at regular intervals. What we are trying to achieve via these sync ups is quite simple – client requirements and satisfaction
  • We arrange a call with the customer to understand how they are using the product, get real case scenarios of how the customers use the product (which areas of the product they are using) Are they having any issues? If so, we always have a technical member on hand to provide any solutions if possible. We also advise on how the product can be used better.
  • We enquire how was their experience dealing with the support, licensing teams of BizTalk360 – so we can improve our interactions and customer support.
  • We provide a lot of information regarding company news.
    • Inform the customers about our roadmap.
    • We are an innovative product company and from time to time we add new products to our repertoire. We take this opportunity to inform our customers of such additions. (ex. recently we launched our new product ServiceBus360).
    • We keep them updated with the latest releases and encourage them to upgrade to the latest version. We are currently sending out Webinar invites for the 8.3 release to inform our customers of the new product features.
    • We inform our customers of forthcoming events (ex: Integrate 2017).
  • We set up another follow up call in the next quarter to discuss any issues to be brought to our attention. In such calls we ensure we keep updated with any changes in client structure and personnel. In many of our calls, the clients were happy to talk and had lots of feedback but due to daily priorities they were unable to approach us. This different approach where we reach out to them now gives them a platform to discuss issues.
happy customers In conclusion, BizTalk360 is always innovating; not only the product but also our customer support to enable us to keep our clients happy.